1 Man Kills two Lions Without A Fight: Santiago Zoo suicide attempt


1 Man Kills two Lions Without  A Fight: Santiago Zoo suicide attempt

With growing alerts of accidents, here’s one more innovative attempt of a recent mishap that took place in Chile’s capital with the Santiago zoo suicide attempt.  While hanging oneself or jumping from a multi-storey building was already in vogue, a young boy from Santiago tried out a completely new way to commit suicide. However the results turned out to be quite unexpected and two innocent lives were lost during the process.

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santiago zoo suicide attempt
santiago zoo suicide attempt

On Saturday, a young man aged 30-40 had resorted to an unexpected method of putting an end to his life. The man had entered the Santiago zoo and approached the lion’s inhabitation for fulfilling his suicide motives. He undressed himself and used a rope to make his entry into the lion’s enclosure. It seems that the man was truly frustrated and therefore had chosen such a merciless manner to lose his life. Knowing what is on his way, he had deliberately got rid of his clothes so that nothing can come in between the wild animosity and his life.

However things did not turn out to be in his favour and it was indeed the lions that had to sacrifice their precious lives for this man’s ingenious suicidal attempt.

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The head authority of the zoo, Alejandra Montalva gave a greater outlook of the incident on TVN. As soon as the man had made his entry into the enclosure through the rope, the security alerts had spread and concerned personnel rushed to the premises to get an idea of the ongoing. Since it was too late and no anaesthetic darts could work out the immediate effect, the lions were killed by the zoo personnel to save the man from further injuries. The Santiago zoo suicide attempt was indeed a heart-wrenching incident for the zoo family as expressed by Montalva.

Both the male and the female felines had been a part of the Santiago animal family since twenty years and such an accidental death was really unexpected. The man, deeply injured was taken to the hospital for further treatments.

This incidentally reminds us of the Delhi mishap where a boy too had jumped into the cave of the tiger and was brutally killed by it. Considering these kind of constant mishaps, it is now time to question the security protocols where not only the humans but also the animals are unsafe. Its real- time to review and scrutinise the zoo and wild life sanctuary securities so that no innocent lives fall prey to accidents in this manner.

The Santiago zoo suicide attempt once again confirms how vulnerable human and animal lives are with the absence of proper safety protocols.