10 ABCD2 Behind the Camera Moments from Remo’s Instagram


10 ABCD2 Behind the Camera Moments from Remo’s Instagram

Remo D’souza aka Gopi is highly active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. He loves to interact and engage with his fans. Remo is known to be very down to earth and you can easy see it in his gestures while he interact with his colleagues or even his fans.

So without wasting much time, lets see which are those ACBD2 behind the camera moments from Remo’s Instagram.

1. Remo with his lethal gear – Of-course his high definition Camera which shot the entire scene of your favorite movie ABCD2.

ALL SET :)))))). 6DAYS TO GO. #ABCD2 #19thJune

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2. Ahh this one is our favorite. Remo with his adorable wife Lizelle D’Souza. Whenever Remo used to take a good shot he was rewarded by his beloved wife. You can see one such moment below 🙂

The reward I get when I take good shots :))))). #mylife#mywife#myteam#ABCD2 #19thJune #7 days to goooooo

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3. Remo having his meal? But there isn’t any meal, all you can see is that he is holding a piece of paper and deeply engrossed in it. Hold on, if you take a closer look, it is the script of ABCD2. During the shoot of ABCD2 the movie scripts over powered his meals. What a dedication, isn’t it?

This used to be my MEAL :)))))))))))))). #shooting#abcd2#19 June.

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4. Though this scene was in between the movie ABCD2 however this was the very first scene shot by Remo and he really loves this pic.

See what I found. My first day, first shot :)))) love this pic. #one month to go #abcd2

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5. During the shoot of ABCD2 Remo and his team has been spending lots of time shooting piece by piece together. Here is one such picture where you can see how closely he associates with his team mates.

Missing my ABCD2 shoot days. :))))))

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6. Hum Paanch!!! This is again one of Remo’s favorite picture.

7. The reason behind Any Body Can Dance 2 – Remo and his team mates can be seen here performing an awesome dance move.

@sureshfictitiousgroup. The reason behind making ABCD2. Thank you and God bless. #lovedance#danceislife.

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8. For a Director his best friend is his Camera. Another moment of Remo with his Camera while shooing ABCD2


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9. Remo with his team mates shooting in the hot weather. You can see everyone is covering up to save themselves from heat. Though it was so hot but still they happily shot scene after scene.


10. This one is from the studio of Remo’s Dance Institute shot while doing the rehearsals of ABCD2 before the actual shooting starts.


We hope you enjoyed watching these memories from ABCD2. It’s time for ABCD3, when? Stay on with us and we will let you know more about ABCD3 in coming day :).