10 Effective Self-Defense Moves To Save Your Life


10 Effective Self-Defense Moves To Save Your Life

In the world of crime and extortion, it is now a necessity for almost every woman to understand the needs of Self Defense! Well, with the increase of crime in our country almost every woman has felt the needs of it and shared their tips and tricks! If you believe in self-defense can be the best way to fight back then just have a look at the Top 10 Effective Self-Defense Moves That Could Save Your Life!

10 Effective Self-Defense Moves That Could Save Your Life.1

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  1. How To Escape From A Front Choke-Hold


To get yourself out from the trap, you basically move your head to one side, under their hand grip and roll your shoulders. This will make their grip basically impossible to hold.

  1. How To Best Use Your Keys As A Self-Defense Weapon

The best way you can use the keys are vertically between two fingers with the key pointing out as a sort of augmented fist. However if you are unstable in holding the key, then you might end up losing the key! So you losing the key firmly!

  1. Losing shape A Bear Hug


When you are under a bear hug, here is what you have to start off with pushing your arms up as much as you can. While this won’t get you out of the bear hug, it will loosen their grip enough for you to move further. The trick is then to drop your center of gravity, shifting your hips to the side and dropping your feet and body back further

  1. How To Escape A Strange-Hold From Behind


To get yourself unlocked from this trap, you now have to bury your chin in the inner part of your attacker’s elbow, as pictured in the video. This will make it a lot harder for them to quickly make you pass out.

  1. The Best Ways to Take a Hit When It’s Unavoidable


Probably the best thing what you would wish to do is to hit! Well! What you have to do is simply throw your boxing hand at the face! The stronger you make it- the more effective it is!

  1. How To Quickly Disarm An Opponent Who Has A Gun


While most attackers are unlikely to come at you with a loaded gun, the possibility does exist, and it is important to know how to defend against it.

  1. The Best Way To Escape A Wrist Grab Every Time


One of the most frequent moves an antagonist may use against you is to grab either one or both of your wrists. This can be done in an attempt to control you or drag you off, and like all standard attacks, it is important to know the basics when it comes to countering it.

  1. How To Fend Off A Knife Fighter Without A Weapon


In most cases, you probably don’t want to be fending off a knife attack without any weapon at all, and if you are quick enough, you may happen to find some object lying around to defend yourself.

  1. How To Escape When You Are Bound By Zip Ties


Back in the old days, people just bound each other with rope or other makeshift forms of the same, but in modern days, criminals and other need do wells have taken to using zip ties to restrain people.

  1. How To Get Rescued While Trapped In The Trunk Of A Moving Car


Of course, if someone is trying to kidnap you, it would probably be best to fight as hard as possible before allowing yourself to get trapped in the trunk of their car. [ Also Read: 8 Horrifying Facts You Didn’t Know about Samurai ]