10 Famous Voices Who Has Shaped Hollywood


10 Famous Voices Who Has Shaped Hollywood

When we talk about Hollywood, we know about the huge graphic it presents and it is also about the incredible animated movies it offers. But does anyone recalls about the excellent voices that have made these animated characters so special? Well, there are a lot of people who have worked enormously hard to give us the best on-screen animations! have a look at the Top 10 Famous Voices Who Has Shaped Hollywood

10. Don LaFontaine

For a public figure such as Don LaFontaine, there can be nothing left out which will boost the-the three words that became his trademark: “In a world.” There are absolutely no particular roles which may evoke out for him!

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9. Nancy Cartwright

When we consider the early 90s, then Bart Simpson was probably one of the biggest things which came to Hollywood! For almost everyone, this was the ultimate thing to look out!

8. John DiMaggio

If you are familiar with Jake the Dog then there is one way out to recognize this man! John DiMaggio was sensibly crowned to be one of the favourites by any person!

7. Tara Strong

An era of children grew up listening to her as Timmy Turner on Fairly Odd Parents, which has been running for a long time. She is also beeing known as the famous voice behind the Power Puff Girls!

6. Jim Cummings

How’s this for a change: A man  being Winnie the Pooh and Goofy at the same time! Well, if yu have not witnessed these cartoon characters, you might have missed your childhood!

5. Tress MacNeille

For almost two decades in the past when there was a huge evolution of animation which had taken place just because of one big factor! As a matter of fact, Tress MacNeille was simply among the best people who gave voices!

4. Troy Baker

This rundown has been more about toons than anything else. However, we’re going to enjoy a little release on the video games that almost rocked our childhood! Troy Baker was one of the finest voices which we could get!

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3. Frank Welker

In the list that we have portrayed, we have almost created out a clear list of all those persons who gave voices for humans too! but here is some twist in the tail!

2. Billy West

General audiences were first introduced to Billy West nearly about the year of 1889 which was almost his late 40’s! However, this was just not all and he continued to rule the world of cartoons till 1995!

1. Mel Blanc

Referred to as the “man with Thousand Voices” Mel Blanc is at the top of our list. With is exceptional quality of voice, he had ruled the cartoon industry for a decade!