10 Hilarious Tweets For Radhe Maa – You can’t Miss


10 Hilarious Tweets For Radhe Maa – You can’t Miss

Sukhvinder Kaur aka Radhe Maa is currently the talk of the town. From her sleazy clothes to her abrupt dance moves, everything seems to be in mega limelight. People have obviously understood she is a total Con and hence social media was massively used to share views about this so called goddess.

radhe maa
Image source: indiatoday.intoday.in

Check out these 10 tweets that hilariously mocked the life out of our religious dancing diva:

1) Radhe maa is definitely bringing in some tough competition 😛 

2) Sorry Micheal Jackson 😀

3) Shit just got real 😎

4) Some people are actually jealous of her life 😛 

5) Said it right, Din’t she ? 

6) #Ouch 😛 


7) People are really impressed by her skills 😀 

8) Fraud evidence on point 😉

9) When people questioned her makeup skills too 😛 

10) Would you want a wife like that ? 😛

The so called spiritual teacher has got it all wrong. Wonder where our country is heading towards. Definitely not the right track though.

What do you think about this Female? Is she a Con or a real spiritual person? Share your Views Below.