10 Non Feminine Things All Females Tend To Do


How many of you gorgeous looking women end up looking like crap on Sunday’s because its an off and you don’t feel the need to look pretty? well, almost all of us. We girls have a added responsibility to look pretty and act ladylike all the time but secretly, deep down in our hearts we all know we are zero gracious when not in public.

Here are the 10 non feminine things all females tend to do.

1. We cant really stop that burp after a yummy meal, can we ? 😉

burp after a meal
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2. Fiddling with the underpants after a fresh bikini wax because obviously it feels weird down south 😛

Gif source: www.playbuzz.com

3. PMS like there is no tomorrow 😀

Gif source: www.playbuzz.com

4. Going bra- less whenever possible because the feeling of taking off the bra is the most awesome feeling ever *_*

the feeling of taking off the bra
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5. Yelling and shouting in public like no one’s business 😀

yelling and shouting
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6. We hate to admit it but we definitely love comedy movies more that the rom coms.  😀

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7. Unwaxed legs throughout winters because who is going to see them anyway 😛

no waxing
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8.Sitting with legs wide open because we also need some fresh air haha 😛

not guilty
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9. Eat like its the end of the world 😎

Gif source: thisislouicehood.tumblr.com

10. Dozing off without removing our makeup or brushing our teeth *guilty* 😛

no removing makeup before bed
Gif source: www.cosmopolitan.co.uk

Do you also secretly do such things? If you could relate to this article then let us know through the comments section below.