10 Perks of Having an Introverted Friend


10 Perks of Having an Introverted Friend

We have all heard of the adage, “We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.” Now, it’s becoming increasingly relevant as we all have people in our environment who just like to hear themselves talk. In such a situation what comes to our rescue is none other than those “men of few words.” or what our society likes to call “introverts”. For a change, I decided to look at the laudatory side rather than the usual social stigma attached to these species – Introverted Friend.

1# Landlord’s first love:

Ever heard of a landlord looking for a loud mouthed, partygoer?

Introverted tenants are the apple of every landlord’s eye.

10 Perks of Having an Introverted Friend

2# Talent lot:

Our generation’s most loved ‘Harry Potter’ would never have materialized if our introverted J.K.Rowling hadn’t diligently invested her solitary time on it.


3# Drama Queen

Honestly a season of Big Boss should be more than enough to satiate our  crave for all things Melodrama.

Need I say more?:P


4# Yes, we are:

Be it with their friends or girlfriends, their loyalty is one thing you can take for granted. And Girls, who doesn’t want a

Loyal boyfriend?;-)

loyal boyfriend

5# Think C.I.D?

The thrill of solving a mystery case is an irreplaceable feeling. Having an introverted friend= Non Stop Excitement! 😀

Deception Point Dan Brown

6# Less is more:

Bid goodbye to mindless Extravagance .Fewer the friends, lesser the belongings strewn around your room.

Cutting costs

7# Trust us:

“You see things, you keep quite about them. And you understand.”-Stephen Chbosky

8# We create:

Tell me about it.

we create

9# They listen, not just hear.

They listen, not just hear.

10# Left brained Geniuses

Warren Buffet, Einstein, the President of U.S; you name it and they all belong to this category called “Introverts”

Do you have any introverted friend in your group? Let us know about your experiences.