10 Things Girls Wish They Never Had


10 Things Girls Wish They Never Had

Girls! They are the liveliest creatures that the Almighty has ever created. “They” say that Girls are very confusing and hard to understand, but it’s just a myth (guess in some cases). Here is something to help you know them a tiny more.. 😉

1. Bills After Shopping

Girls have most of the fun shopping. Shopping makes girls glow, out of nowhere. And everybody knows what happens when there is a sale.. oh yeah! But who likes to see the bills after that?! 😉

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2. Periods (Hell Yeah!)

Alas! The daddy of all problems, “Periods”. They say you don’t mess with a girl during that time (woops! Mood swings).

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3Unwanted hair

Eh! The unwanted hair, most irritating thing in the world for girls. So much girls have to go through.. Waxing, Shaving, Bleaching and what not!! It’s hard to be a girl and even harder to look like one!

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4.  Crooked teeth

One of the biggest problems not only for girls, for everyone. Ever thought what it takes to take out that food stuck in your teeth that you just ate! Well.. people could easily make out what you had for lunch! But don’t you think they look cute! 😀

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5.  A frenemy

I bet every girl can relate to this. Don’t you wish you never had that friend who acted like an enemy behind your back?! Oh! I bet you do!

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6.  Bad hair day

A perfect dress and make-up and you’re ready to take the world with that beautiful smile of yours. Wait a minute! The HAIR….!!!!! Ah.. another bad hair day! It can ruin things (U bet!).

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7. Messed up self while waking up in the morning

Seen those advertisement girls? How perfect they look when they wake up in the morning!

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8. “Oh So Cute” Girl Stache!

Ever had that cute little thing right above your lip? Things get wrong when it isn’t cute for others…

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9. The Boob Jail

This is really irritating most of the times. And here my friend I am talking about wearing a bra. To some this might sound very sexy but ask the girls… Dude you have no idea…!

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10. The Ability To Underestimate Own Self

Now this is something at which girls are real players at. Underestimating themselves. You my girl whoever howsoever you are! You are the most beautiful and unique person in the whole wide world. Remember!

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