10 Ways To Know You are Insecure or Possessive In a Relationship


10 Ways To Know You are Insecure or Possessive In a Relationship

Oh! C’mon there is nothing to be ashamed of ! Every young and old in this world is insecure or possessive in a relationship. All of us have gone through this phase or will in our lives. Damn Relationships! They make us so shaky. There you go! Check if you’re an insecure lover! 

  1. Wondering if he/she is flirting with somebody

Are the questions like “Is he texting somebody?” “Is she going out with guys tonight?” “OMG that girl in his friend list is so beautiful, he surely might be flirting with her!” “Is she texting her ex?” going on in your head and you bugging you? Aah!It’s all the brain’s fault! Right? 😉

Partner cheating on phone
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  1. The Phone Call “Heart Rush”

Tring! Tring! Rings his/her phone and there it goes! Your heart beating in your throat. What if it’s somebody I don’t like? Why is he/she going out to talk?

girl talking on phone happily

  1. Getting Jealous Of his/her Opposite Gender Friends

Ooh! This is something that’s very common. Hope you’re getting it! 😉

jealous- girl -at party
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Ouch! We all know this look…

  1. A Long Questionnaire

And there goes the mind again. All it’s fault! Can’t it just stop and give us a break! This one can be really irritating for the latter. Your mouth just spits a lot of questions every darn time you open it. You cannot help it, Oh! Maybe those are just the hormones. 😉

questioning- girlfriend
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  1. Stalking On Social Networking

Social networking websites are so cool when it comes to stalking somebody!! Everything is so transparent. Buwahaha (the evil laugh, just for the effect) we know exactly what to do. Don’t us!

psycho- girlfriend-stalker
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  1. Reconfirmation From Common Friends About His/ Her Plans

If you are cross-checking your spouse’s plan for tonight, you are doing great according to the list darling!! Chop ‘em up!!!

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….and the bae is so dead!!

  1. Panic Attack When Your Call Is On Wait

“The person you are trying to reach is on another call,” is a sentence you’d hate to hear when you call your partner up. Bet this one left you thinking…..

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  1. Hell On Earth- Spouse Spending Much Time In Front Of Mirror

Taking more time than he/she usually takes in front of the mirror bothers you? Oh well.. You’ve got to give that feeling away…(before you blow your top).

Head-burst-like volcano
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  1. He/she Putting On That New Cologne Makes You Tensed

WOW!! That fragrance is so addictive!!! Ooppppss!! There is surely somebody in the office hmm.

nagging- -angry- boyfriend
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  1. Frequent Calling

Cannot stop your hands from calling your partner again and again for petty things? To you this may be a way of caring but for them it can be a bit bothersome!! Yikes!!


So.. If you are the one and you can relate to the above points! Be awesome to leave a comment!