3 Reality Shows Judges Who Don’t Belong to Their Shows!


3 Reality Shows Judges Who Don’t Belong to Their Shows!

India is a land of diversity and miracles but also a nation famous for it’s out of the world policies. The rulers in the parliament need not be educated but are the ones who have the power to make rules for the society whereas a daughter is law is expected to have various degrees and be well qualified in order to spend her entire life in the kitchen looking after her in laws, husband and children.

I am not saying that only doctors and engineers are the people with wits but we have to agree that in our country there is a senseless distribution of power.

Many illiterate leaders have proved beneficial to our country’s progress and many women have broken social norms and emerged as successful personalities.

However many people in India are misplaced. An extremely talented boy who has dreamt of being a guitarist since he was three might be playing counter strike in a small engineering college of Noida or a girl who was applauded for her debating skills in her school might be listening to her mother in law’s illogical crap without uttering a single word, but that’s how India is. India being my favorite place on Earth is also a place quite hilarious.

Don’t agree? Switch off your desktop and go out roam the streets of your neighborhood. I am sure you will find a few eccentric people. We Indians are people with big hearts, a need for entertainment and desire for excitement. We might send our brains to a long holiday when encountered by the temptations of amusement and pleasure. I am afraid that one day I will get arrested for being a good Indian citizen and find Mr. Daud sitting in the supreme court as the judge. Just kidding. We have limits of illogicality. Cute people we are.

Here are some Indian reality shows judges whose placement is something to laugh about.

NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU ( Judge of Comedy Nights with Kapil, laughter challenge)

Image Source: facebook.com

What a man! Navjot Singh Sidhu is a crickt commentator and former player. He is also a member of parliament. He is a man with a good sense of humor but not qualified to judge a comedy show.

Sonakshi Sinha ( Judge of Indian Idol )

Image Source: facebook.com

One of the most talented actress of bollywood who has performed as the lead in some greatest movies of all times like Dabang, Rowdy Rathore, Lootera, Holiday etc. But she has no experience in the field of singing.

Chetan Bhagat ( Judge in Nach Baliye )

Image Source: facebook.com

He is a very renowned author.  He is the author of some bestselling novels like 20-20 revolution,  3 mistakes of my life and One night at the call centre. But the question is why is an author judging a dance show?

We all know the participants of these reality shows have to face a lot of hardships. They have to struggle a lot to reach to the top and to win their respective shows. But do you really think someone who has no experience in dancing or singing should judge the participants and be given the power to decide who the winner is?