5 Makeup Steps You Need to Avoid in Summers


5 Makeup Steps You Need to Avoid in Summers

Makeup is a girls best friend. Putting on a fancy face is the most important step of getting ready. However, during summers the lesser the makeup the better the results. The heat melts all the makeup and we advise you to cut down on few steps in the makeup routine. Not only will it save time but will also make you look fresh and natural.

Here are few steps listed down for the gorgeous lasses out there so that you can rock a makeup free look with minimal makeup.

overly drawn eyebrows

We know statement brows are in fashion but there are times when you need to keep that as natural as possible and summers are definitely one of them. Fill them just dont go crazy while doing them.

overly drawn eyebrow
Image source: www.pinterest.com


Everyone loves a glowing face but too much glow can go horribly wrong. Do work those high points of the face just go extra shiny because that’s a big no no during summers.

highlighters Image source: www.feminiya.com

                        Dark lips

We love our burgundies and oxblood but summers is all about pinks and corals. Simple looking lips not only brings all the attention to the eyes but also tones down the look which is perfect for summers.

bold lips Image source: global-brands.weebly.com


We love a bronzed up face but contouring can make the face stand out too much. We dont want that in summers. Skipping contour and only bronzing the face where sun hits you directly helps you achieve a minimal makeup look.

contouring Image source: www.pinterest.com

DEWY FACE or matte face

The choice is between dewy and matte. Not that there is a hard and fast rule but we prefer a matte face with all that heat and sweating throughout the day.

matte face or dewy faceImage source: www.pinterest.com

You can add and delete steps as per your preference but the point is to look as natural as possible. You don’t want all your makeup to melt in the scorching heat and less makeup is the key to achieve that.

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