5 Mistakes We Bet You Missed Out in FAN Of SRK


5 Mistakes We Bet You Missed Out in FAN of SRK

If you have already watched FAN and is basking in the glory of SRK  like a true fan, it’s time for you to be shocked. Though it’s almost a month that FAN has released, but nobody dared to notice certain big loopholes in the plot. Though to err is human but in FAN the errors were too silly to be considered as human mistakes.

Here is a list of 5 big mistakes that we bet you missed out while appreciating Gaurav’s acting in FAN.


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The Super Magical Camera

Have you come across a camera that keeps on swapping its dates on the same day? If you haven’t, SRK and Maneesh Sharma has one to offer you. Remember the camera outside Shahrukh’s house when Gaurav almost bluffed the guards and managed an entry? No wonder, it showed two different dates for Gaurav and Aryan’s entry. Seems like we are into some time machine!


the magic camera
the magic camera

The Gaurav –Aryan chase

I know FAN’s second half was much more gripping than its first one especially the scene where both SRKs kept on chasing each other. But wait! How can a superstar be chased in this manner and nobody seems to be bothered about it? Surprising, isn’t it?  Imagine we hit the streets trying to follow SRK down the streets! A dream never to be matured it seems.

Gaurav Aryan chase
Gaurav Aryan chase

Madam Tussads Museum

If outside beverages and drinks are not permitted in Indian multiplexes, how can Madam Tussads allow Gaurav to carry that beverage inside it? To let you know of norms, Madam Tussads does not indulge in any such flexibility. So how could Gaurav make that escapade? Got to think.

beverage in SRK's hand
beverage in SRK’s hand

Was SRK up to some cloning antics?

Well, it is true that in the entire world, you will come across similar looking faces. But that does not mean that he will share the same height and other features too? In FAN, we have Gaurav and Aryan not only flaunting almost the similar looks but at the same time they had the same height and other physical characteristics too. This is indeed some super doppelgänger plot or the use of cloning mechanisms to strike the similarity.

Gaurav and Aryan looking alike
Gaurav and Aryan looking alike

The Suit Affair

If you take a look at Aryan’s make up room, when Gaurav makes his entry, there was only a single suit available that Gaurav decides to put on. On the other hand, after sometime Aryan is spotted in a similar looking suit. How can suddenly the suits get multiplied?

gaurav's suit
gaurav’s suit

Aryan's suit
Aryan’s suit
Single suit in the make up room
Single suit in the make up room

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However, despite these small loopholes FAN comes with a balanced script and remarkable acting from SRK. So next time as you watch the flick, make sure you don’t miss out to keep a track of these points.