5 Most Shattering LGBT Stories You Have Ever Heard


5 Most Shattering LGBT Stories You Have Ever Heard

Am I becoming a seeing blind, unable to see humaneness on this planet. Is there any humaneness left on this huge rock of life? Every now and then I seem to glean depressing stories of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans genders(LGBT). There are some groups like “where love is illegal” that are doing whatever they can to spread the word. We blow trumpets about change, but are we strong enough to accept this bold change! Below are the 5 of the “where love is illegal’s” hand picked stories:

  1. Nisha, Imprisoned For Being Herself

A cross dresser, Nisha from Malaysia was arrested at a birthday party where a celebration was going on. This young transgender woman didn’t even know what was coming for her. She was abused, beaten up and forced to dress like a man rather dressing up like a woman under anti-trans Sharia laws.

LGBT-nisha- arrested
Image source: whereloveisillegal.com

2.  Apollo- Raped, Harassed, Fired, Imprisoned

Kamarah Apollo is a gay activist from Uganda. He was kicked out of his home. When he was fired from his job just because he is gay, he had nothing to do but sell his body for survival. He was imprisoned and then raped by the prisoners.

Image source: whereloveisillegal.com

3. D And O, Beaten Up and Threatened

This is a lesbian couple from Russia who was beaten up, got hit on the head and kicked by a group of guys for holding hands in public and kissing. They were left to moan with a threatening statement on the streets. Somehow they survived the attack and are still fighting for their rights!

D&O Image Source: whereloveisillegal.com

4.  Mohammed – Beaten and Tortured By Loved Ones

“Mohammed from Persian gulf was tortured a dozen times because of his sexuality. He was beaten by his father, uncle and elderly brothers. All of this began when he was 14,when his uncle had beaten him up with a pipe and threaten him by a knife. He was also put in a dog cage!

Image Source: whereloveisillegal

5.  Lizzue & Pumeza – Shot and Killed

Lizzue, mother of Pumeza, a young girl who was shot dead in her own house in front of her mother by a masked gun man with three bullets for being who she was. While he was shooting her, she kept on asking him, “what did I do to you?” “why are you shooting me”. It was very difficult for Lizzue to accept the incident!

A posed portrait of Lizzie Venfolo.
Image source: whereloveisillegal.com

Where is the love? Is this what we have to pay for being who we are! Getting shot, murdered, tortured, raped, abused just because of the sexuality! Humans, where is the humaneness?

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