5 Must Have Summer Shoes


5 Must Have Summer Shoes

No matter how expensive clothes you wear or how gorgeous makeup you put. All this can never compensate for the kind of shoes you wear. Someone very rightly said a “girl can never have too many shoes”. We totally agree on that and happily bring you a list of top 5 summer shoes you need to have in your footwear closet.

 Buckled sandals

These are famously known as the “ugly shoes” but we don’t find anything ugly about them. These sandals are stylish and comfortable. They are trending all over social media and you got to buy your self a pair to enjoy the perfect blend of sophistication and ease.

buckled sandal
Image source: www.neimanmarcus.com


These are the comfortable version of the famous wedges. The heel of these shoes are flat. They might have height to them but we can bet you haven’t slid your feet in anything as comfy as these shoes. They are available in various colors, prints and you can find them at different brands.

Image source: www.theconfessionsofaproductjunkie.com


If you think these were designed for only boys then we are here to clear that misconception for you. Girls are rocking these shoes with full attitude and style. They can be easily teamed up with joggers and denims. If you are a little daring then try them out with some glam skirts and short dresses to level up your look and yet keep it casual. These slipons are the next big thing and everyone seems to love them already.

slip ons
Image source: Anonymous

 Knee Length Gladiators

This particular style has been seen over time but whats news is the design and length. They are not your usual ankle length gladiators. These beauties are knee high and almost available in all colors. We seem to love blacks and browns in this particular style and would advice you to splurge in a good pair of these hot knee length gladiators.

knee length gladiators Image source: gorgeautiful.com

 Ankle Strap Sandal

These sandals are the beautified version of our very own flip flops. They are as comfortable as the regular chappals we seem to buy for our day to day travel needs. You can dress up as well as dress down with a pair of these simple black ankle strap sandals. That’s the beauty of these sandals and we seem to love it. Try replacing your flip flops with a gorgeous pair of tan sandals this summers and you can thank us later.

ankle strap sandal Image source: vancitybuzz.com

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