5 Things To Do When You are in Dubai


5 Things To Do When You are in Dubai

Dubai, this city in itself is the whole world. Also known as the “City of Gold” Dubai has a bling of it’s own. What come to your mind when you think of Dubai? Huge tall buildings, belly dancing, or extremely rich sheikhs? “Al-Habibi” 😛

Rich- sheikh-arab
A Rich sheikh from Dubai

Wait! But there’s more… Here are the 5  things to do when you are in Dubai..

The Arab Sheikh

1. The Quad Bike Safari                                                                                                    Can you miss this sexy ride? Ahan! I can’t !

Image source: timeoutdubai.com

2. Skydiving Above the Palm Island

Wooooaaahhhhh!!! Is this real….?

skydiving - adventure - dubai
Image  Source: dubaidessertsafari.com

3.  The Marine Adventures

Now this is the best of both worlds..
Image Source ewtc.com

4.  The Sensuous Belly Dancing      

Oooolaa laa! Want your eyes to lose control and pop out? This is the right place and thing to go and watch! 😉

Shake it girl! 😉

Image Source: reblogging.com

 5.   Selfie at Khalifa    

How can you forget the most intriguing and the most important thing? hah! Last but not the least.. Let us take a selfie.. 😉


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