5 Facts You Don’t Know about Remo D’Souza


5 Facts You Don’t Know about Remo D’Souza

Can India get an evergreen choreographer such as Remo D’Souza? When the beats pull up, Bollywood can imagine the shoes of the star choreographer Remo D’Souza! Oh yes, Crowned with the Mater of hip hop choreography, Remo has acquired enormous fame within the country which makes every one of us proud!

5 Facts You Don't Know About Remo D'Souza1

Now let’s go back to the history- Born in the year of 1972, April 2, Remo D’Souza was originally known as Ramesh Gopi!

On his way to becoming a real star and an excellent choreographer, he has come past of everything from a background dancer to a choreographer. Every one of his movies came up with new dance forms and worked like our very own Indian Step Up. As he is growing to be world famous day by day, here are five interesting facts about him which probably you did not know!

  1. Rangeela Re

We have all enjoyed in shaking the legs of Urmila Mathondkar’s song Rangeela, but a few of the people do know much about it. It was, in fact, a big break for Remo and also the first step of him in Bollywood.

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He was a background dancer before Ahmed Khan- the famous choreographer gave him the break to go. Remo also took his name forward for choreographing the whole movie.

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  1. Super Brats

This was the name of the Institution, which Remo used to run. Remo had organized two centres for dance training one at Charni Road in South Mumbai and the other at Bandra.

In his early life of struggle, he had applied for two coaching classes where he used to train other students.

He used to teach dance to different students of the city of Mumbai in his early life and made quite a profitable income out of it.

  1. Training

However in our generation, most of the people may believe that without the help of proper training, you just cannot make it a great day ahead with your dancing skills! Well, dance is an art and Remo just proves that to make everyone go mad at him! His dancing skills came up with his observations!

5 Facts You Don't Know About Remo D'Souza2

  1. Deewana

It took almost a single year for him to get a breakthrough after he had assisted Ahmed Khan.

His next initiative was to feature with Sonu Nigam for his famous Album Deewana! It was the famous Anubhav Sinha who gave him this break and pulled him more towards the Bollywood Film Industry.

As a matter of fact, this had certainly inspired him for the act of dancing and making his fame. He used the opportunity to the fullest and got the best from his end.

This was just not all and his first movie as a choreographer was the 1995 Aamir Khan-Urmila Matondkar flick Rangeela, which actually claims to be the point fro where his success starts!

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  1. Family

Remo got married to Lizelle, who was also a background dancer with D’Souza. Gossips have cleared the fact that they both have been engaged for a lot of years and then got married. However, the latest news on the couple confirmed that Remo gifted her Jaguar on the recently conducted Women’s Day!