6 Surprising Benefits Of Kissing


6 Surprising Benefits Of Kissing

A kiss unites two people by love or pleasure, yeah we all know that! But what most people doesn’t realize is the actual science behind that cute little kiss. Kissing can be one of the most intimate, sensual, and just plain fun when we are doing it with our partner or date. kissing is well known as a social pleasantry, which is pretty great and can be one of the best things ever. But it’s not all, kissing comes with a whole bunch of surprising health benefits too. The collision of lips and tongues that we often take for granted has a lot more benefits to it that could surprise you. Not only does it feel great it’s actually good for our mind and body too. Yes, you read that quite correct. Kissing is not all about the intimacy and the love, it is also one of the best and affordable health boosters. Listed in this article is how kissing helps you with your body, mind and lot more.

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6 Surprising Benefits Of Kissing - fantoosy

1) Releases Feel Good Chemicals:

Lafayette College study found that when you are kissing your loved one’s your body releases the following chemicals.

  •  Oxytocin (a calming chemical).
  •  Endorphins (a feel-good chemical).
  •  Dopamine (which promotes bonding).

Kissing our partner makes us feel happy, because our bodies release feel good chemicals when we kiss our partner. Kissing releases ‘pleasure chemicals’ in the brain, namely dopamine, it is a chemical released from the brain that causes pleasure.

Kissing doesn’t limits itself with pleasure chemicals, it also increases your level of oxytocin, which is a chemical in our body that relaxes us. Yes kissing your partner releases pleasure chemicals and relaxation chemicals. When you are relaxed, you will be happy and when you are happy, you won’t be stressed. Eventually kissing helps in relaxing your stress by releasing oxytocin. And this oxytocin plays an important role in human trust, so couples who kiss often, has better trust in their relationship.

2) Burns Calories:

Several studies sugests that kissing your partner for a minute helps in burning  2 to 6 calories, compared to 11 calories trotting on a treadmill. What do you want 10 minutes a day in treadmill or #kissing your partner for 20 minutes a day? Several reports and researches have been conducted on this topic and all reports conclude that 2 to 6 calories is burned down in a kiss that lasts a minute.  #Kissing also helps to double your metabolic rate and naturally the calories burn faster than they do when you are at rest.

3) Kissing Boosts Your Immunity:

Journal Medical Hypotheses reported a study that states that #kissing could increase a woman’s immunity from Cytomegalovirus. When you’re #kissing someone, you’re passing along germs and bugs mouth-to-mouth, no, it’s not bad like you are thinkin now, it actually helps to strengthen your body’s immune system.

4) Make Your Face Look Younger By Kissing:

You could make your arms and legs look stronger and younger by regular exercising, but what about your face? How to strengthen it and make it look younger? You can’t lift with your face, but there is something else you can do. #Kissing,  it helps keep your cheeks tight, as  you use 30 muscles while #kissing. And also it could add more benefit, since it helps in burning calories. And when we kiss we’re working our facial muscles, this can get your face in shape and the advantage is you won’t feel exhausted.

5) Oral Health & Cavities:

Yes #kissing can prevent cavities, because #kissing passes on heaps of saliva that helps to get rid of bacteria and helps in development of cavities. Put aside your tooth paste and start #kissing for a couple of minutes twice a day and yes. You won’t have to visit the dentist again. No, just kidding you still have to brush your teath. #kissing produces saliva which helps break down oral plaque. Thus #kissing turns out good for oral health. And also #kissing fight against plaque buildup in your mouth.

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6) Kissing Protects Your Heart:

#Kissing does protects your heart by boosting the adrenaline in your system. Boosting the adrenaline will make your heart pump blood faster. The excitement you get while #kissing your partner, helps by pumping the heart and pulse while simultaneously dropping blood pressure. It has the same effect on your heart and system like jogging or cycling.

Well, go on then. It’s time to increase your level of oxytocin.