7 Best and Worst Qualities of Indians


Best and Worst Qualities of Indians

We are Indians. We have our own kind of best and worst qualities about us. We are the nation that is extremely diverse and sings songs about unity in diversity even as it struggles with various kinds of discrimination’s and riots and other kinds of violence every day. However, there are a million other things that we Indians are proud about. We should talk about them for sure, but for now, let us focus on some of the best and the worst qualities of us Indians. No Indian will know an India without the following.


Give absolutely anything to the Indians for free and it is going to find a taker. Well surely there are millions of people who actually do need the free things for survival, but here in India, it doesn’t matter what age, class or caste you belong to. If it’s free and you are in India, you will find takers from all kinds of different backgrounds.


Image source: firstpost.com

The continuous starring.

Be it the lewd shameless Indian men or the aunties travelling on the metro, it seems to be the eternal Indian responsibility to stare a woman not wearing ‘decent’ enough clothes to death. Or till she covers up.


Image source: newindianexpress.com

The littering party.

Well the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan seems to have lost its steam. It seems the Indians are incorrigible when it comes to littering the outdoors. As long as it is not their own house, it is okay to keep littering the space I guess.


Image source: atmtxphoto.com

The Sanskaari Bharat:

No matter what you do in life, no matter how successful you may become, if you have done anything that goes against the Bharatiya Sanskar, you are doomed to life. God help you if you are a woman. But hey! That is the Indian culture after all you see!


Image source: dandapani.org

The Jugaadu Indian.

Well, our very own ‘jugaad’ is the new way of innovative thinking across the world. There will always be a cheap solution to every problem in the world.


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The crowd.

The second most populous country in the world is obviously always crowded. Be it the metros or the DTC buses, or the trains, marketplaces or even the roads, people are always spilling out of every nook and corners.


Image source: dwarkawala.com


Bollywood is the Hindi film industry that produces a range of films in different genres. It will not only have the typical masala movies celebrating the unfair stereotypes and portraying women as sexual objects, but also have movies like Queen and Kahaani where women are shown playing powerful roles. How can one think of an India without Bollywood at all?


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Is their any other thing that you find really cool about India? Fell free to add to the list though the comments section down below.