8 Common Excuses For Being Late

8 Common Reasons For Being Late
8 Common Reasons For Being Late

8 Common Excuses For Being Late

No matter how punctual you are, there are times when unavoidable circumstances make it impossible for you to be on time for college/work. On the other hand, there are instances when we’ve just overslept and have no valid excuse. In these situations, we resort to certain standard excuses to get away with our lack of responsibility. We’ve listed 8 Common Excuses For Being Late that you’re bound to have used or heard in school, college, workplace or any time-specific event.

Too much traffic:
Stuck in traffic - 8 Common Excuses For Being Late
It’s usually very convenient to blame your indiscipline on traffic, although it’s pretty obvious that you’re making excuses because everyone else but you is on time! Also, you know for sure that your teacher/boss isn’t crazy enough to go out on the streets to cross-check if there really is a lot of traffic.

Didn’t hear the alarm:
didnt hear alarm - 8 Common Excuses For Being Late
As if to imply that our alarm isn’t loud enough, and it isn’t our fault that we woke up late, we very often use this excuse to try and save ourselves. Although a very feeble excuse, it is pretty effective when combined with helpless, innocent facial expressions.

Got caught by cops:
Caught by cops - 8 Common Excuses For Being Late
Used by many who use their own vehicles to travel, this excuse also could also help you gain a little sympathy from your boss, who might think you’ve suffered enough already and spare you another lecture.

Family Emergency:
running-late - 8 Common Excuses For Being Late This is an excuse that people usually reserve for special occasions, for example, when you’re late by more than an hour, or when you’re missing something important. Assuming that your boss wouldn’t reprimand you for attending to an important family situation, this excuse is boss-proof.

Friend had an accident:Accident - 8 Common Excuses For Being LateConveniently injuring our friends in our boss’ imagination, we choose to portray ourselves as a ‘friend in need’, and a hero. Make sure you have a good story if you’re using this excuse, because too many questions about the imaginary incident could reveal your lie!

Vehicle broke down:Car broke down - 8 Common Excuses For Being Late Another convenient entity to blame for your lack of punctuality is your vehicle. A flat tyre, an overheated engine, a brake failure – there are a many units of a vehicle that you can blame for your tardiness.

Couldn’t find transport:No transport - 8 Common Excuses For Being Late The flip-side of a vehicle breakdown, this one is for those who travel by public transport. Although it would be unlikely that you were the only one who couldn’t find any mode of transport to be able to reach in time, people often get away with this excuse.

I’m here, but I can’t find you!:Im here but i cant find you - 8 Common Excuses For Being Late Although this one isn’t applicable in office or college situations, it is commonly used when we’re late to go meet someone. Even though people usually understand that you’re lying and are still yet to reach your destination, this excuse (which we mainly use while on the phone) buys you a few minutes, which is often enough time for you to get there.

Are there any more common excuses that you use or have heard people using? Tell us in the comments section!