8 Minute Bikini Abs Challenge


8 Minute Bikini Abs Challenge

Always jealous of the people who actually achieved their perfect bikini body this summer? Do not worry because this particular bikini ab challenge is here to change lives. Learn the circuit 1 and 2 combination to flaunt those sizzling abs this season

Circuit 1

Diagonal planks: 

These are your basic planks but just a a tad big diagonally.

planksImage source: www.popsugar.com

V- crunch:

These are also your everyday crunches but the placement of legs makes them a little bit different.

v crunch Image source: www.womenshealthmag.com

Down dog split knee up:

These high intensity split knee ups would surely bring that burn in the abdomen. down dog split Image source: www.popsugar.com

Side V crunch:

So, these crunches are like the V crunches but then done in  the side way so that the fat burning process becomes fast.

side v crunch Image source: www.popsugar.com

Circuit 2

Crunch chop:

This particular exercise focus on the inner thighs and tummy area at the same go.

crunch chops Image source: www.shape.com

Mountain Climbers:

This would definitely give you the feel of climbing a god damn mountain.mountain climbersImage source: www.proclimbs.com

Side plank toe touch:

So you basically do you planks with a side ways body and with that touch your toes for that little extra push.

slink plain toe touch

Image source: www.fitbottomgirls.com


No, we are not designing a new prom dress. This exercise is interesting and impressively helpful at the same time.

scissorsImage source: www.pinstopin.com

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Share your gym secrets and other tips and tricks to achieve the perfect bikini body.