8 Random Thoughts We Have While We Are At Work


Work is probably the second last thing or maybe the last thing in our mind while we are at work. We tend to get distracted six thousand times and we aren’t even over exaggerating. We sit and think of various random things and are totally not concentrating.

Here are the 8 random thoughts we have while we are at work.

1.  We constantly doubt our decisions regarding our career and job profile. 😛

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2. We have a feeling that the clock isn’t moving at all and the time has frozen and that       we will be stuck at work forever. :/

i am dead inside
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3. What are we having for lunch today ?  😀

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4. You are crying inside for missing that kick-ass party on Sunday because Monday you         had to reach work on time . 😐

why me
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5. You think about your college and school life and miss that time like crazy. 🙁

miss school life
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6. You miss Bae through out the day 😛

miss bae
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7. You secretly decide on quitting your job and becoming a full time youtuber. 😀

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8. You promise your self that one day you will act selfish,quit your job and chase your           dreams.

it will all work out one day
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What thoughts occur your mind during work ? Don’t forget to share it in the comments section below.