A 50 Year Old Fights a Criminal Armed with a Sword


A 50 Year Old Fights A Criminal Armed With A Sword: A Hero Among Us

11th August, Chembur a suburb in Eastern Mumbai an incident happened which will shock you!!

A criminal attacked a shopkeeper with a sword and tried to take his life.

Image Source: ibtimes.co.in

He did his best to take the shopkeeper’s life but failed.

Why was he attacking the shopkeeper?

In Chembur, all the shopkeepers have to give a weekly sum of money to the criminals there as a security. This is also known as ‘Hafta’.

The police knows about the practice but they can’t do anything about this as they themselves are a part of this practice.

The crime that this shopkeeper did that made someone raise a sword against him is that he raised his voice against this practice.

He refused to pay the criminals and in turn one of them came to his shop with a sword to eliminate him just because he raised his voice against this practice.

But why did the criminal fail?

When the criminal suddenly attacked the shopkeeper with his sword, a 50 year old customer was present there.

The 50 year old customer did not think that he might get hurt in saving the shopkeeper and attacked the criminal. He tried to snatch the sword from the criminal in which he succeeded.

He kept his life on the line just to save another human being.

The family members are considering him as a ‘Messiah’ for their family.

People like him are the real heroes.

When asked if he got scared while going against the armed criminal he replied that he did not even think about it. It never struck his mind.

He just saw a criminal attacking an innocent human and all that came to his mind was to save him no matter what. He did not think about the consequences.

He truly is a hero among us.

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