‘A’ Certificate for Aligarh: Two-Faced Indian Censor Board Exposed


‘A’ Certificate for Aligarh: Two-Faced Indian Censor Board Exposed

Aligarh is based on the real life incident of a Marathi professor in Aligarh Muslim University, Dr. Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, who was faced humiliation and was suspended from his job because of his homosexuality. The film Aligarh is slated to be released on 26 February 2016 and has been granted an Adult certificate, making it harder for the audience to differ adult movies / comedies with a movie that could be a landmark in our movie premise, which talks about our homophobic society and the repercussions it has on the mindset of the people. [ Read: Prof. Edward Kujur – This Rickshaw Puller from Ranchi is NOT an Ordinary Man ]

I don’t have a problem with adult comedies, we all crack adult jokes every day among our peers. But the blatant two faced logic applied everyday to curb the thoughts of filmmakers who are trying to portray a message though art and cinema by the “so called authorities” is very disturbing and worrisome. Are we again going back to the stone ages?

We debate Section #377 openly in our media and courtrooms but CBFC chief won’t allow that in our cinemas. We can discuss murder and rape though. Central Board of Film Certification (Indian Censor Board) should really grow up! Giving clean chits to the supposedly comedy movies like ‪#‎Mastizaade‬ ‪#‎Dostana‬ and many more, but an Adult certification for creative movie like ‪#‎Aligarh‬ and ‪#‎AngryIndianGoddesses‬!! Just because a film’s subject is homosexuality, the trailer is given an adult rating? Just because a man has dared to love another man? Give the trailer of Aligarh a watch, there is nothing even remotely adult about it. Dear censors, how will you people even begin to justify yourself? Pathetic hypocrisy!!! [ Read: Mastizaade Review – No Story, Just Steamy Hot Scenes ]

Apurva Asrani, a National Award winning film maker, film editor and screenwriter based in Mumbai, India write on his facebook timeline:

Do you know that ‘Aligarh’ trailer has been given an ‘A’ certificate?? This means that the theatrical trailer can only be played with an ‘Adult’ film, ruling out most of our theatrical promotions.
This also means that the trailer will not be played on TV all day & will only appear on late night TV.
The ramifications of this move by the CBFC are huge! There is no way to reach the larger audiences who rely on a trailer to come to the cinema!
And why?? Anyone who has seen our trailer will know that, unlike the prevalent sex comedies in cinemas, there is NOTHING sexual or objectionable in our trailer!
This reeks of a deliberate homophobic move by our government appointed body that wants to ensure that awareness for an important theme like this is squashed!!
Do Come Out and voice your protest if you think our trailer deserves a U or UA certificate. If you think we deserve an A certificate, then do enlighten me with your reasons.

See the trailer below and tell me if it doesn’t strike a cord there…


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Manoj Bajpayee is back and how! For once gays dont look like Bobby Darling’s and Suresh Menon’s buffoon avatars in Bollywood. Coming of age for cinema it seems. Let creativity thrive rather than non-sense sex comedies!