A Man Built a Digital School after the Death of his Wife, Saving the Money without Conducting Rituals


A Man Built a Digital School after the Death of his Wife, Saving the Money without Conducting Rituals:

A Digital School in Maharashtra commemorates the true love a man had for his wife. This will be  a lesson for others who are spending too much money for conducting rituals. This Digital school symbolizes Taj Mahal, in which the memories of Mumtaz Mahal sustains for ever.
A Man Built a Digital School after the Death of his Wife, Saving the Money without Conducting Rituals Avinash-and-Rupali
Shajahan’s love for his wife is proved in the construction of Taj Mahal. Avinash Nakat from Tandli Buzrug village, Akola, Maharashtra, gave the same honor to his wife Rupali – just like Shajahan. Avinash fights for the rights of farmers through his NGO Yuvarashtra along with his wife Rupali and others where jealous to see her happy successful family life.
On February 5, their happiness ended due to the death of his wife because of Leukemia. After the cremation, Avinash came back to the house and announced that is going to digitalize the zilla parishad school in his village with the money he saved for Rupali’s ritual ceremony along with the support of Rupali’s family.
“When I announced that I will be spending Rs.1.5 lakh which was supposed to be spent on the rituals and the feast after my wife’s death to develop the village school instead, all the villagers boycotted our family. The room, which was filled with people, emptied in minutes,” says Avinash.
“I remember Rupali told me once that I should do something for my own village too. I did not pay attention to what she said then, but after she left me, her words kept motivating me to do something for this school. That is when I decided to provide all the facilities available in my kid’s school in Akola to this school too,” he adds.
His hard work and firm decision helped him to digitalize the Zilla Parishad School very easily. He had made tremendous changes to the school including, installation of projectors, computers, white board, flooring, and a water purifier was also installed in the school. He had done all these with the money he was supposed to spend for his wife’s ritual ceremony.
When everything was ready he saw the smiling faces of children and his opposers too. His wife will remain for ever due to this well
equipped digital school.
“I am a believer in God, but I do not follow traditions blindly. We need to see the need of the hour and work accordingly. My fellow villagers have now started saying that they have been a part of the feast after hundreds of deaths in the village, which did no good to the village. But this one step has given something which the village will always be thankful for. Most of the villagers have promised me that they will now follow in my footsteps, which I think is a true tribute to my wife,” concludes a satisfied Avinash.
This is a lesson for everyone in our country. In this technology oriented modern world we can’t see a true relationship among people. Avinash is a role model for everyone.