The Only Place in India, Unbound to Religion, Politics and Money!!


The Only Place in India, Unbound to Religion, Politics and Money!!

Does a place in India obstructed from religion, politics and money exists? The present scenario is like that all places in India is giving much prominence to caste, creed, religion, politics and money. The vast influence of caste, creed, religion, politics and money in each place in India is adversely affecting the outlook of our country. To our surprise there exists a place in India where people are bonded very close to each other irrespective of religion, politics and money.

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The Only Place in India, Unbound to Religion, Politics and Money!!

The place Auroville, in the Viluppuram district near Puduchery, Tamil Nadu in India with 2,400 people from around 50 nations, gives emphasis to the concept all men are equal. The astounding unity among the fellow beings is unbelievable. The natives of Auroville are in a world of ever lasting happiness.

Mother Mirra Alfassa who has been the religious coworker of Sri Aurobindo founded the city on 28th February 1968. Sri Aurobindo had the viewpoint that “man is a transitional being”. The architect of the city was Roger Anger.

Mother wanted to make Auroville a self-sustainable city where universal brother hood exists. She stresses on the concept of humanity rather than giving preference to an individual based on caste, creed and economic status. This town is a role model for other places in India and in order to create an ideal world like Auroville all people should have the willingness to change. People from any country can turn into the native of Auroville despite their age, class, culture and background. One thing is mandatory that they should be enthusiastic enough to impart the idea of heavenly realization, and then only they will become a true native of this place in India.


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Auroville is self-sustainable with its own architecture and town planning bureau, archival facilities, research institutions, an auditorium, 40-odd industries, restaurants, farms, guesthouses etc. Computers, a dedicated e-mail network (auronet) is being provided for all the natives. So Auroville is equipped with multi modern strategies!

Auroville has a temple at the center of the township called “The Mantrimandir” which is giving importance to truth and integral yoga. So the concept of religion is totally absent in this place and the town hates politics too. In this town the constituent assembly involves all members so that each person has the freedom to raise their voice for the progress for their city. Yet another peculiarity of this city is that assets do not value people. Here humanly deeds are valued so the concept of money has nothing to do in this place. The people can do money transactions with outside people through Aurocards. Inside money dealings is strictly prohibited.

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Thus Auroville is a visible proof for the presence of a heaven in our earth. Our attitude should be changed then any thing can be possible so that the word impossible will be trapped in the pages of dictionary itself. The positive human spirit in the natives of the Auroville town has enabled it to acquire the title “ heavenly town”