A Unique Idea For Reusing Condemned Railway Compartments!


A Unique Idea For Reusing Condemned Railway Compartments!

I’m sure you’ve wondered what happens to old trains once they become obsolete. Well, they’re probably converted to scrap metal. But instead of wasting so much metal, we need someone to come up with a unique idea and find a way to reuse those trains and put them to good use.

Brm Muralidharan, in his post from December 17th, has shown and suggested a brilliant way to use train compartments effectively after the train becomes obsolete or is out of order. His suggestion, through the post, is that these compartments be used as bridges in rural or underdeveloped areas in our country. They can be used over rivers, streams, marshes, rocky areas – any place where they can be used conveniently. Here’s what his post said, with the photo:

 “See how they have used the “Condemned Railway Compartments” !! With the help of cranes, these can be installed within a few hours !!

We have so many research Institutions, spending crores of public money & hardly coming up with any innovation !!

What an innovative idea indeed!
What an innovative idea indeed!

They can be used as a bridge over patches of – water, marshy land, rocky terrain. If you get some more thoughts, do share with us !!

I recall having seen a link for .. Suggestions for PM’s office. If anyone has some idea of that, let me know, please !!! Zoom the pic !!!”

Considering the state of the environment and how humans have misused it, such new ways of reusing and recycling materials should be devised to extend the life of the Earth. After all, our existence isn’t even possible if our planet’s resources are exhausted.

If you come across any other new ideas like this, please do share in the comments section!!!