A Delhi Guy gets Beaten in Mumbai Just for Abusing his Friend


A Delhi Guy gets Beaten in Mumbai Just for Abusing his Friend

What’s new in Mumbai? Well if you have a habit of abusing in public, you better watch out for yourself because you might get beaten up badly anytime. Daksh, a Delhi guy was out late at night with his friend and got frustrated as he could not find any place to park his car, so irritated by this he said to his friend “B******d aaj parking nahi milegi” and the next moment he was surrounded by 15 men and was beaten badly continuously for 10-12 minutes straight. People did come but all they did was watched them, no one interfered. No one even tried to stop them or tried to ask what happened. People just enjoyed themselves watching these two guys getting beaten up. Daksh shared his story through Facebook. Here it goes-

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A Delhi Guy gets Beaten in Mumbai Just for Abusing his Friend 2
Source: fb.com/dakshbhardwaj
“This is the city we live in. This is the country we call home #b******d
I was trying to find parking below my building in bombay at 1:30 am last night. Frustrated, i looked at my friend and said “#B******d (sister f*****r) doesn’t look like we’re finding one today”. A man in his late 30s, outside the car, overheard our conversation and thought I called him a bhenchod. He was ready to fight even though i kept telling him that i wasnt abusing him and was only pissed at our situation. Things cooled off and we finally saw a parking spot towards a desolate dead end. Little did we know what was coming our way. I looked into the rear view mirror and saw that a black santro had blocked the road so we couldn’t leave. There were 15 men (aged 25- 35) ready to pounce. And so they did. They pulled us out of the car. My friend wasn’t the one who said #B******d so they casually slapped him a few times only to ensure he doesn’t reach out to help me. Then it was my turn. They kicked, they slapped and punched pretty much any part of my body that was accessible to them. They kept hitting till they didn’t see blood. Any attempt to resist was failing as I was outnumbered. I went to the man that transpired all of this and said “Sir, I didn’t abuse you. But if you think I did then I apologise for it.” But he wasn’t ready to listen. My apology was followed by 10 more punches. Then for some reason they started picking on the fact that I was from Delhi. “Tu dilli ka hai na” and then 5 more punches. This tamasha went on for a good 10-12 mins. There was an audience too. My local grocery seller, whom I’ve known for almost a year now was watching me being brutally hit by these goons. At one point i even went to him with a bleeding face, folded my hands and begged for help. But he looked away. I went to the doctor today and just found out that my ear drums are swollen and my jaw has a hairline fracture.
#B******d Its saddening that we live in a country where its okay for such incidents to happen. Where people watch an assault and choose to be an audience. This is not the society I want to be part of. Why can’t a dialogue be a solution ? Why do we have to resort to violence to put a point across ? And 15 people against 1 is not a fight, its outright physical abuse. #BarbaricBombay”

First it was the hotel incident where couples were thrown out of their hotels and were insulted publicly and now this. Who would want to be a part of society like this? We wish Daksh a swift recovery. Please share your thoughts with us through the comments below.