Advika Bale , An 18 Month Old Prodigy


Advika Bale , An 18 Month Old Prodigy

Advika Bale, an 18 month old from Nagpur, is a child prodigy. She is not like other toddlers, Advika Bale could recognise over 26 currencies and could identify all the seven wonders of the world, not just the wonders, Advika Bale could tell you the countries in which each wonders are located. This kid is sure to put many of our knowledge to shame. She can even read many words both in English and Marathi. Well, that’s not it, she could also translate animal names from English to Marathi.

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Advika Bale An 18 Month Old Prodigy-Fantoosy
Image Credits: News World India

Child prodigy Advika is drawing attention from all corners. Asavari Bale, mother of this child genius reported to Times Of India that, “Then, when she was eight months-old I started teaching her about countries, currencies, wonders of the world etc. At that point, she started responding by pointing at the right answer on the pictorial chart. When asked about Elephant or Tiger she would place her finger there,”

“At 10 months, she could identify all the body parts,” said her father Sagar. He further added “Today, Advika only wants to study and look at books, She is hungry for knowledge,” reports The Times of India.

Her parents who started teaching her when she was 8 months old, thought it was absolutely normal. But not untill last month when Advika started speaking, they discovered the genuis in their little kid.

This proud parents want’s their daughter to shine in her life. Team Fantoosy wishes them all the luck in this world.

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