After Reading this Story You will Never Trust Zomato!!


After Reading this Story You will Never Trust Zomato!!

You must have heard of Zomato the billion dollar funded company. Yes, the famous food app. We are sharing an unfortunate experience of a customer who used Zomato mobile app to order his food and ended up with a bitter experience. After reading this story you will never trust Zomato!!

These app companies floats lots of discount offers online to lure customers to user their apps to order food online. This customer was not as lucky as you and his online food ordering experience ended to be a nightmare.

These discounts and features sounds interesting, isn’t it ? But I am pretty sure that you might change your opinion once you complete reading this story.

Saket Sinha and his family decided to order online food using the services of Zomato. Saket ended up placing an order on 18th of August through the latest Zomato application. As soon as he ordered his dinner via the Zomato application the bank deducted the money and confirmed via SMS that the transaction was successfully. The amount got debited from his bank account and the order was placed successfully.

saket sinha
Image Source: – Screenshot of Payment Confirmation SMS.

The entire family was really excited as this was their very first experience of placing the dinner order through Zomato mobile application, which featured hassled free payment mode. Next, only thing they was suppose to do was to wait for the delivery guy and once the food is delivered, enjoy it eating with his family.

As usual the delivery boy comes up with the placed order but guess what !!! He arrived with much more climax this time to deliver the order for Mr. Saket Sinha. As the delivery guy said, “payment kar do sir”, Saket was surprised. He informed the delivery guy that online payment has already been done and showed him the transaction proofs. To his shock the delivery guy kept insisting him to make the “due payment” even though the payment was already made. He once again tried explaining the delivery guy about paying online before ordering however the guy continued insisting him to make the payment.

saket sinha 2
Image Source: – Payment Details of Zomato

Saket even called Zomato customer service to inform about this blunder and shared his feedback in presence of the delivery guy however instead of taking the complaint the Zomato executive argued that the order was booked for Cash On Delivery (COD). Both the customer service executive and the delivery guy gave deaf ears to his complaint and ultimately Saket ended up paying double the amount for his order. This is not all read what happened next.

Image Source: - Screenshot where customer tried to caution his friends and family about availing the services of Zomato.
Image Source: – Screenshot where customer tried to caution his friends and family about availing the services of Zomato.

“Wah re e-commerce!! wah re zomato!!” he exclaims. He has shared this post on his Facebook timeline ( Read what customer has to say on facebook ). Zomato and CEO Deepinder Goyal were mentioned in his facebook post and comments several times however none responded.

This is not all, we are about to reveal more on how Zomato is doubling their sales by duping customers.

He placed his order at 8:04 PM on 18-Aug-2015 and his money was deducted at 8:05 PM a minute later, however he was forced to pay twice for his order.
Screenshot of Zomato Credits.

After much struggle and escalation Zomato realized that they can not dupe this customer and ended up refunding the money charged in access on 21-Aug-2015 however date of reversal is wrongly reflecting as 18-Aug-2015 in their system. If you think this is all, we have more to add. From here on their marketing gimic starts, they will inform you that they are refunding the money but in actual terms the money is not deposited back to your bank account, it gets transferred to customer’s Zomato Credits. This way Zomato is cleverly converting single sale to generate additional sales. Even if the customer does not want to avail the services of Zmato next time while ordering food, they will be forced to use  Zomato for second time – only to generate additional revenues for such companies.

In an idle scenario the amount wrongly charged in access from the customer should be reversed and deposited back to customer’s bank account from which the payment was charged. This is the normal practice of trade however in case of Zomato they are tricking customers to generate additional sale from single order.

With more than 19 million monthly visitors on Zomato’s website (source) we are quite sure that this would not be just one of the rarest case. Many customers would have faced similar issues and it might be one of the reasons why Zomato opted to disable posts by other people on the Official Facebook Page so that such complaints are not visible to public.

Just imagine how bitter the dinner would have tasted to all such customers who would have paid twice the money for ordering once.

Would you like to use Zomato after reading this? Share if you have similar experiences like this and share your views with us in the comments section below.