AIB Takes A Jab At Restaurants and Bars And Its Hilarious.


AIB Take A Jab At Restaurants and Bars And Its Hilarious.

The crazy five of the AIB have showcased Their new videos about honest bars and restaurants and its hilarious. AIB shot to fame from their Roast video that went viral. Indian audiences gave a very mixed response to the video and its, how should I put it, open language content.

Thus time they have come up with something that is more massive and is filled with experiences in their classic sarcasm filled tone. AIB released 3 parts of for “Honest bar and restaurants: yesterday and its gradually gaining popularity.

AIB, the group which attributes sarcasm as its favorite tool to deliver comedy has delivered great videos about the reality of restaurants and bars in a very quirky and effective manner. Tanmay Bhatt, has done a good job as creative director for the “honest bars and restaurants” episodes.

There is a whole cast and crew of hardworking people that we have come to have created videos on the topic with realistic scenes which are our daily real-life experiences.

The first part of the video features the ordeal of ordering food late night after a get-together with friends. It shows that no matter how much you ask your friends what they want to eat before hand while ordering food, they will interrupt you in between the order to change something.

[yt][/yt]- part 01

There is another scene in this; depicting an engineering student closing his account at his regular theka (local bar). The high point in this whole scene is the part where the theka owner escorts the going away student in an all Karan Johar movie style, wishing him well for his journey into the real world.

Part two hilariously depicts how a typical middle class family orders food in a restaurant.

[yt][/yt]- part 02

Part three takes a jab at the Indian mentality that all bills should be settled by a guy accompanying a girl.

[yt][/yt]- part 03

So, go and watch the new installment of laughter brought to you by AIB.