Airlift! The Story of 170,000 Refugees, 488 Flights, 59 Days 1 Man


Airlift! The Story of 170,000 Refugees, 488 Flights, 59 Days 1 Man

Inspired by true incidence in 1990’s war in Kuwait and Iraq. Nail-biting, reality-based action thriller that is going to give you goose bumps. Airlift is Brilliant!!!

Every country needs more people like Mr. Ranjit Katiyal. I salute to Mr. Sunny Mathews the real life Ranjit Katyal on who went thru these situation in real life and came out as a winner. However I fail to understand why the director decided to replace the real name of Sunny Mathews with Ranjit Katyal that too when people should actually know the real hero behind such a massive airlift. [ Read: Video : Indian Petrol Pump Owner in New York vs Armed Robber!!! ]

First Holiday then Baby then Gabbar is back and now Airlift. Akshay Kumar is probably doing much more for India than Government. An attempt to show the desperation and frustration of Civil war victims who get stuck in a far away place from the motherland.

Sunny Mathew with his wife airlift

Airlift! A very well pottery of those two Indian personalities who helped NRIs of Kuwait in 1990 to take them away from Kuwait & bring them to their motherland when Iraq attacked on Kuwait as Ranjit Katiyal a famous Indian businessman of Kuwait. Actor Akshay Kumar did a brilliant job & proved himself as a brilliant actor. Tight crispy screenplay & visuals.  Some realistic Indian characters brings movie more alive.

The movie is the best by Akshay Kumar till now in his plethora of Bollywood flicks. He is beaten up , dragged and shamed for the first time in Hindi movies. He doesn’t jump from heights and there is no running behind the airplanes as well. It’s his best emotional enterprise for his fellow countrymen who forgot Delhi and started believing themselves to be Kuwaitis. The story line is awesome but the actual Airlift operation got lost towards the end and was given hardly couple of minutes on screen. Otherwise an inspiring story to celebrate the R – Day. A must watch specially for Akshay Kumar.

Perfectly executed movie great plot, proud to be Indian! Must watch movie for this 67th republic day! Well done Akshay Kumar brilliant selection of script!

I loved the movie just for a simple fact that it makes you realize that you are free with rights. You do not have to struggle on your own land. You can sleep without fear. Mankind and humanity existed, it still exists and however evil is there, it’s humanity and courage that will win. It’s a beautiful movie. Real events, people struggles, problems, courage, unity… everything which happened during invasion… presented to us very sensitively in form of this movie. And I also feel they did a very good job in making us realize that how is it to be a stranger on the land where you are living and that your motherland is yours truly, be wherever you are. May be, people who have taken their freedom in India for granted shall realize. Living in free country is no less than heaven.

I was literally struggling to control my tears. Take a bow director Raja Menon and Akshay Kumar along with the entire team of AirLift for putting in so much effort in bringing such heroic act onscreen that too so close to perfection!
Sunny Mathew with his wife
Sunny Mathew with his wife. (Photo: Mid-day)

“The 1990 airlift of Indians from Kuwait was carried out from 13 August to 11 October 1990 after the Invasion of Kuwait. Air India holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people evacuated by a civil airline as a result of this effort.”

This movie truly deserve a huge round of applause, a must watch for all. Perfectly executed movie great plot, proud to be Indian! Must watch movie for this 67th Republic Day of India!

Well done Akshay Kumar brilliant selection of script!
Guys don’t miss this one.