Ajay Kumar Proves Miracles can be True By Securing 71.8 % in Board Exams without His Arms


Ajay Kumar Proves Miracles can be True By Securing 71.8 % in Board Exams without His Arms

Where there is a will, there is a way and indeed it was proved once again by a 16 year old boy, named Ajay Kumar.

While we have seen many other instances of especially abled children who have overcome their difficulties and emerged victorious over their situations, we have one more added case added to the list and this time it’s from Agra. Ajay Kumar, aged 16 has proved wonders with his exceptional abilities. Ajay stands out to be physically impaired without arms and has recently scored 71.8% in the UP board examinations of Class x.  Ajay Kumar has proved that nothing is impossible with proper determination and indomitable courage.

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Ajay Kumar writes Examination with his legs
Ajay Kumar writes Examination with his legs

While for the others, they had to make use of their hands to prove a mark in the class X results, Ajay Kumar established that nothing can stop you from pursuing your dreams if you have the aim set and focussed. But how could Ajay Kumar write without his hands?

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Ajay took to the assistance of his legs instead of his arms to write his paper. Instances of leg writing are not rare in India and Ajay has also stood out of the crowd with his sheer abilities to conquer his drawbacks. Ajay belongs to the Bhogaon village that lies in the Manipuri district in Uttar Pradesh. Unlike his schoolmates, he is able to hold the pencil only between the toes. However without any discomfort, he carries this exercise regularly. All his activities of daily life are performed by the aid of his feet.

This boy had appeared for his 10th standard examinations from the SR Inter College and he was able to obtain as much as 431 marks out of a total of 600. Ajay’s parents Meera Devi and Dayaram had expressed their overwhelming anxiety after the birth of the child. However Ajay’s sheer determination was visible since his very childhood when he used to hold a stick between his toes to make a mark on the sand. His parents could never imagine that this would reap such encouraging results in the future.

Though many of Ajay Kumar’s friends kept on ridiculing him, some were also there standing beside him in his hard times with constant encouragement.

Hats off to Ajay Kumar for such courage and determination and a bunch of congratulations from Team Fantoosy.