Amazing Science Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


Amazing Science Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

These facts are so cool and really amazing. Impress your friends with this list of 20 amazing science facts.

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  1. What colour do you think Pluto is?
    Is it brown? Well, NASA say’s Pluto is actually red.
  2. Is there water on Mars?
    Some says yes while some doesn’t cares. But NASA again found strong evidence for water on Mars. So, there is probably water on Mars.
  3. How many planets are out there?
    Nine? Nine Hundred? No, NASA’s Kepler space telescope, confirmed the existence of the 1,000th planet to be found outside our solar system.
  4. The dwarf planet Ceres a four-mile-high mountain on it, though the planet’s whole diameter is approximately 587 miles. Confirmed by NASA
  5. Imagine a snake chasing you, imagined? Now again imagine a snake with four legs chasing you. Well, Scientists found the first known fossil of a four-legged snake. Run Forest, Run.
  6. Does trees grow hair in them?
    A tree with white hairs, how cool is that? Well, kinda wierd though, It turns out that a type of ice that looks weirdly like hair and grows on dead trees is formed by a fungus.

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  7. Ill-fated Mars mission Beagle 2 spacecraft was found intact on Mars, which was considered to be lost for more than a decade. It was lost on Christmas Day in 2003. It turns out that it had landed successfully but was unable to communicate with Earth.
  8. Growing  contracting muscle in a lab, is it possible? Well, scientists have done it already. Researchers have successfully grown the first contracting muscle in a lab.
  9. Human reproduction using frozen ovarian tissue, possible? It is possible, a woman in Belgium became the first person to give birth using frozen ovarian tissue , to make things interesting this tissue was removed from her when she was still a child. It’s been kept frozen for years.
  10. What’s the deadliest weapon and indestructuble one next to Nokia, I have to say Lego. Scientists has made a cyborg made of Lego. And they have mapped and simulated the brain of a roundworm, and used the simulation to control this lego cyborg, watch your feet.
  11. Brain cancer in rats was successfully treated using nanotechnology.
  12. What’s the strongest natural substance? Well, lLimpets’ teeth turned out to be the strongest natural substance ever discovered and spider silk was the one who holded this record previously.

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  13. Imagine if we could control our own body temperature. A “warm-blooded” fish Lampris guttatus., able to control its own body temperature, was discovered.

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  14. The Bouvier’s red colobus, a species of monkey thought to have been extinct for 40 years was discovered alive and well in a Congolese forest. How did they stayed out of human eye’s for 40 years, may there’s many similar extiict creatures living in some nook and corners of our planet.
  15. How long do you think sperm will be effective? Recovery of gene diversity using long-term cryopreserved spermatozoa and artificial insemination has proven effective. As a critically endangered species of ferret was reproduced using frozen sperm from an animal which had been dead for 20 years.
  16. Tortoises are already giant creatures, now a  new species of giant tortoise was identified on the Galapagos islands. Amazing right?
  17. Not only humans have ancestors, birds do too, the oldest ancestor of modern birds ever discovered was found in northeast China.

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  18. A new Jurassic-era marine reptile was identified from fossils found on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. These fossils span approximately 30 million years.
  19. How old is our planet earth? life was found in a 4.1-billion-year-old crystal. Potentially biogenic carbon was preserved in a 4.1 billion-year-old zircon, suggesting that life on this planet is 300 million years older than thought.
  20. Fuel is getting lesser and lesser and the prize for fuel is going higher and higher in many places, now scientists hailed a “revolutionary leap forward” in artificial photosynthesis. they are using solar energy to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and turn it into useable carbon compounds such as plastics and fuels.

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