The Angry Birds (2016) Movie Review


The Angry Birds (2016) Movie Review

It was bound to happen – the popular Angry Birds would evolve from game to a 3D feature film. So, here they are….

Debutant director duo – Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis introduce us to the bird island, where amongst the many flightless birds lives Red (Jason Sudeikis’s voice) grappling with serious anger management issues. You could call him the Adam Sandler of Bird land.

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The Angry Birds (2016) Movie Review

Enter the pigs led by Leonard (Bill Hader) who pretend to be friendly explorers but have a sinister agenda of their own. Red senses it and sets out to seek help from the Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage) – supposedly the island’s protector and only one who can fly. Not surprisingly, the pigs destroy the bird island and escape with all their eggs – which they had been eyeing so far.

It’s now left to Red and his anger rehab mates – Chuck and Bob with help from Mighty Eagle to save the eggs and teach the villainous pigs a lesson.

The cutie pie birds are well animated and the 3D comes to life in some sequences – specially where the flightless birdies are fired, one by one, in to the Piggy island using a gigantic slingshot.

On the flip side, the storytelling is quite flat and predictable even for kids. The green colored pigs, except King Leonard, don’t exude the menace they ought to which dilutes the conflict between the birds and pigs. Also, the birds ain’t angry enough as we expect…my nine year old son complained to me on one occasion. 🙂

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The end product is one time watchable, no doubt, but not worth recommending in times of ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda’ which had equally strong content to compliment technology. This one falls short… Maybe, the sequel, as the closing credit sequence suggests, might turn out better and angrier…

Enjoy watching the Angry Bird Trailer here: