Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are Breaking Up!


Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are Breaking Up!

While we were recovering from the awful splits of two famous and real life fairy tale like couples Hrithik Roshan-Suzanne and Farhan Akhtar-Adhuti here comes another break up between an amazing couple. One of the most talented cricketer Virat Kohli is going to break up with his stunning girlfriend Anushka Sharma. They are known to be as one of the most fiery couple of the showbiz and now they are going to split up. The couple has been dating for three years now. It all started in 2013 when they acted in a TV commercial together. Anushka later admitted to the press “We are two normal young people in a relationship.”, guess not anymore.

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Virat kholi

It  became when the couple unfollowed each other on a social networking site called Instagram. Virat Kohli has also uploaded a breakup selfie. Also a source has revealed that Virat wanted to marry Anushka and settle down but Anushka was against this and did not want to take the big step yet. Now the couple has decided to head their seperate ways and split up. The news does not end here, in a recent party Virat was heard making a statement about Anushka saying she was a “controlling girlfriend”.

This news came as a shock to us. Nobody expected their amazing relationship which had been going on for three years to end this way. Share your views with us through the comments below.