Are You A Shy Introvert Or A Funloving Extrovert


The world is full of different kinds of people. Every person is different or similar to another one is some or the other way. The two most extreme kind of people we meet are introverts and extroverts. so are you a shy introvert or a fun loving extrovert.One kind is extremely into themselves whereas the other kinds are all about friends and social life. Here are some fun differences between the two.

Introverts are extremely shy:

These people don’t have confidence issues but they mostly prefer less friends and tight circle. They don’t like meeting new people and are very shy around a large group of people.

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Extroverts are the life of the party:

They don’t care if they have met the person before or not. If they gel well they friends already. After sipping down a few drinks they become the talk of the town. They engage people in their fun stories and keep the crowd entertained all night long.

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Introverts have a closed circle:

They don’t believe in making new friends. They have invested a lot of time in becoming comfortable in front of their own friends and they definitely don’t want to invest that kind of time in new people. The strangers are always going to be strangers for them.

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More the merrier:

Extrovert people don’t limit their friend circle. They love meeting new people and love the idea of getting to know different people from all over the world.

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Introverts are the understanding types:

You never have fights with these kind of friends. They don’t react much if you cancel plans with them or accidentally forget to call them for days. They are overly understanding and that’s kind of scary for normal people.

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Extroverts are the moody ones:

They always want things to go according to them let alone cancelling on them. You wouldn’t want to mess with these super moody people. They don’t understand much all they remember is that you ditched them and they are probably going to curse you all your life.

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