Tendulkar gave an Advantage to his Son? Not True!


Tendulkar gave an Advantage to his Son? Not True!

When it comes to the field of U-16 Cricket, Arjun Tendulkar, and Pranav Dhanawade are both notable figures in the buzz now! Though some of the people are still finding out why the son of the God of Cricket was picked over 1000, run kid.

For the newbie, this image showing Pranav Dhanawade scoring the 1000 runs in Cricket was quite a good thing to shout for. But when it comes to real cricket, there is some hidden fact behind the selection of Arjun Tendulkar which was unknown to most of the people.

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In the picture below has brought up aggression in your mind then it is the time to cool down as we present you the reasons for it.

Tendulkar gave an Advantage to his Son Not True!1
Pranav’s innings shattered a whole host of records / Source: PTI

According to the lengthy reports on Arjun Tendulkar on why his selection procedure has been done, there are many other sites which have given the opportunity for the people to hate Sachin Tendulkar Again! However- this is a clear message from us- think before you openly comment again! In fact, the story became just so epic that Pranav was being compared with the injustice of Eklavya in Mahabharatha! This is just not true at all. First of all the person who speaks up “Please RT!” must read this post before he speaks up again!

Are u being fair to Pranav Dhanawade, a rickshaw driver’s son? @ianuragthakur @sachin_rt @kamaalrkhan

Please RT! pic.twitter.com/YIo5ouqcoF

— Pramod Speaks (@PramodSpeaks) May 31, 2016

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Now, here comes up the factors for why Arjun Tendulkar was picked. One must first know that the selection was for the West Zone U-16 Team and not the India U-16 Cricket Team.

This is insane as the person who uploads the picture, has explicitly mentioned for the selection of the India U-16 Team. Now what he must come in mind over one thing that Arjun was picked for the West Zone U-16 to feature for the Inter-Zonal tournament which was to be played in Hubli from the month of May!

However, this is not all, and the selection was already made before Pranav made his record.

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Now let us put the 10009* innings on the context from Pranav. You would be shocked to hear that Pranav did go 1000* runs against a team aged 10-12 years due to the lack of availability of the senior players. If you would have analyzed more on the innings, there were almost six players in the opponent team who have not played a single game at the full sized pitch!

Apart from this, the ground was cut small due to the presence of small aged players which gave Pranav an Extra edge! Now, what would you consider of the 25 missed chances to get Pranav Out?

An interactive Interview with Pranav’s father cleared particular facts for the selection of Arjun Tendulkar. According to him, they both are friends, and Pranav was not even eligible to play the West Zone U-16 team because of not playing for the Mumbai U-16 Team.

“The selection for Mumbai’s U-16 team happened before Pranav’s record. They had also played a few matches. So since Pranav didn’t feature for the Mumbai U-16 team, he cannot be a part of the West Zone side, that’s the procedure. “