Artificially Ripened Bananas In The Indian Market Can Cause Deadly Diseases!


Artificial Ripened Bananas In The Indian Market Can Cause Deadly Diseases!

Artificial enhancement of food products is not new to us – we’ve even had the recent (and highly talked about) Maggi ban, which was finally lifted once the levels of lead used in the product was reduced to permissible levels. Even though people are cautious nowadays about such things, there are practices which prevail amongst some manufacturers or distributors who are making lethal alterations in the composition of food products, in our country!

Recently, Sudhanshu Dwivedi shared a shocking and scary fact on his Facebook profile, exposing the deadly trick that is being played with bananas in our very own Indian market. This is what he said, along with sharing these photos from NuTalk – Nutritional Talk:

“Received on WhatsApp


I have always wondered where those guys who sell the tusmall bananas on wheelbarrows as seen at Airport North-Ring road roundabouts source them in such huge supply and uniform ripeness!

Friends, we all love bananas and we eat a lot of them, but the bananas available in the market are forced ripe by dipping in water mixed with Carbide. The consumption of these bananas is 100% sure to cause Cancer or some other infection in the stomach. Therefore, such type of bananas is to be avoided!

But, how does one recognize the bananas ripened with the help of Carbide?
Bananas which are ripened naturally are dark yellow and there are small black spots here and there on the bananas and the stalks are black.

Artificially Ripened Bananas
This is what naturally ripened bananas look like.
Artificially Ripened Bananas
And THIS is what Artificially Ripened Bananas look like!

While those which are forced ripe with Carbide are lemon yellow and their stalks are green and moreover they are clear yellow without any black spots.

Carbide is a chemical which if mixed with water, emits heat and the heat emitted by a Close tank mixed with Carbide is even more than that emitted by a LPG Cylinder, so much so it can be used for Gas Cutting (which means the calorific value is so high that it can replace LPG gas). In the same way, when the bunch of bananas is dipped in the water mixed with Carbide, the gas gets absorbed into the bananas and they get ripe. However, the banana vendors are not that literate and so they do not know the exact proportion of Carbide to be used for a dozen of bananas. As a result they end up using excess quantity of Carbide which gets absorbed into the bananas and ultimately enters our stomach. Due to this excess use of Carbide, tumors can be formed in our digestive system.

So, next time you purchase bananas, make sure you select the naturally ripened ones.
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This alarming fact of these Artificially Ripened Bananas deserves attention, before people start developing deadly diseases! Please spread the word as much as possible, for your own sake and for the sake of your loved ones.