Arvind Kejriwal – Biggest Joker of Indian Politics!


Arvind Kejriwal – Biggest Joker of Indian Politics!

Now that the caption-title got your attention let me spread some knowledge. Arvind Kejriwal was spotted with this ‘funny’ headgear as many put it yesterday on his visit to Goa. [ Read: Why 70,000 Home Buyers of Dwarka Expressway are UNHAPPY from Nitin Gadkari, Manohar Lal Khattar and Arvind Kejriwal]

Arvind Kejriwal - Biggest Joker of Indian Politics Goa São João

“São João is Goa’s very own traditional monsoon festival and, perhaps more than any other holiday, encapsulates what it means to be Goan. Several villages such as Anjuna, Assagao, Calangute, Chapora and Siolim, to name a few, have taken São João festivities to a whole new level, while maintaining their lively traditions. People adorn bright colorful costumes and floral headgear called ‘kopel’ (crown) made from fresh flowers, fruits, vines and the like. [ Read: Delhi’s Reply to a Misled Frustrated Guy on Kejriwal and Odd Even Rule]

Dancing to the beat of the ghumot (local drum) and kansallem (cymbals), they build a bonfire which is then beaten with coconut palm leaves. The party moves through the neighbourhood, with people jumping into wells of friends and patrons, finally reaching the river where once again, people dive into waters to chants of ‘San Joao, San Joao, Viva San Joao”. Arvind Kejriwal, an outsider, with apparently no experience in Goan Politics was warmly welcomed by local communities celebrating the festival. You can also spot former Goa CM Manohar Parrikar adorning the same.

While to many internet users this picture comes across as funny, to political analysts this denotes something very big. AAP is currently a recognized State party in 2 states i.e. Delhi and Punjab; with AAP planning to contest Goa and possibly Himachal Pradesh and other states, it may well become the youngest, and quickest to be recognized as a National Political Party. A political party needs to be a recognized state party in at least 4 states to be recognized as a National Party. The kind of response AAP is getting in Goa from local communities is unprecedented and indicates towards AAP slated to win a sizable number of vote share and seats in the upcoming state elections. No wonder then that an ‘outsider’ leader is warmly welcomed and made to take part in local festivities. [ Read: Heaps of Garbage Burning Openly in Delhi – How will Government Keep Delhi’s Air Clean?]

If one observes closely, the principal opposition space is increasingly being occupied by AAP/Kejriwal than the ever decimating Congress/Rahul Gandhi. Pick up any newspaper and you’d find Kejriwal vs Modi references/articles/cartoons; browse through any social media website and you’d find Kejriwal vs Modi supporters debating and arguing. It’s quickly becoming Kejriwal vs Modi and Congress/Rahul Gandhi are soon becoming irrelevant. There’s a reason why Arvind Kejriwal takes direct potshots at Modi and the media publishes it while Rahul Gandhi’s/Congress’ potshots at Modi are not reported emphatically. When Union Finance Minister and BJP National President have to do Press Conferences to counter allegations by Delhi CM; when Union Home Minister has to step out to break the fast of an MP outside Delhi CM’s house- it’s not difficult to assess or ignore the rise of AAP nationally.

While Regional Satraps like Mamata Banerjee, Mayawati, Nitish Kumar, Naveen Patnaik, Jayalalitha do not step out of the comfort zones of their respective state, Arvind Kejriwal knows well that he is no Regional Satrap, he knows that he can challenge the Bigger parties head on and that’s why he contested against Modi head-to-head in Varanasi knowing fully well that he may not succeed at all, he dares to expands nationally and expand to states where a possibility of a 3rd Party exists (Himachal, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand etc.) [ Read: The Complete Story Behind the Incomplete Dwarka Expressway: Yr. 2007 – 2016]

You may or may not have voted for AAP in Delhi but do not make the mistake of rubbishing AAP in Delhi because instead of losing its vote share, AAP is constantly consolidating its vote-share. With electricity and water bills slashed, lakhs have been benefited (maybe not the ones who love to troll AAP/Kejriwal online) but they’d definitely step out and vote for AAP again. With conditions of Government Schools improving in Delhi, lakhs of parents and students are happier than ever. For those living in unauthorized colonies, they’re seeing pipes and sewerage systems been installed in decades; for them AAP is a god-send. With E-ration cards, and plugging of leaks in the system; Ration is reaching to more people than ever (70 Lakh people in Delhi are entitled to Ration); with simplifying and reduction of VAT, business community are seeing the results on ground. New Colleges and schools are being opened as promised, Student loans schemes have been rolled out which are benefiting so many young people. [ Read: Dear Hon’ble PM – Shri Modi Ji I Voted for You – An Open Letter ]

Trolls sitting online might not see “AAP work and only fight” (but they never saw when they termed him a ‘bhagoda’ earlier too) but the large section of population which is benefiting are consolidating their support to AAP. Also, the free-wifi scheme implementation would begin by this year’s end using which you can continue trolling AAP/Kejriwal. You may love or hate AAP/Arvind Kejriwal but you can no longer ignore it! – Source