Astronaut Puts Up Photos of South India from Space!


Astronaut Puts Up Photos of South India from Space!

Ever wondered what India looks like from outer space? I mean, there are so many beautiful places in the country, so the country must be beautiful from up there, right? Of course! And to give up valid proof of this fact, astronaut Scott Kelly has put up pictures of South India taken from outer space, on his Twitter account. This is a part of his #YearInSpace collection, which is a breathtaking and humbling set of photographs depicting how small we really are on this giant, majestic Earth. Check out a few of these :

South India

Did you ever think it would look so majestic? The different shades of blue make the picture hard to believe – it looks like a painting, or something that has been pulled straight out of an artist’s imagination!

Here’s another, and once again, it’s hard to imagine that we live in country that is so beautiful on the inside AND the outside. It looks like the Gods were playing Holi themselves, when they were trying to figure out what this part of our beautiful country would look like!

This photograph seems to be of a mountain range, but who knew that the majestic mountains could be made to look like such small building blocks! The scenery looks delicate, as if touching it would ruin its beauty. If only people from around the world would see these images more often, they’d know what they’ve been destroying!

These photographs are truly humbling, and make us understand that the Earth is truly a much greater entity than any of us, and that we should work to protect the Earth and it’s glory. There is a reason why the Earth is special, and we should not ignore that. Nowhere else in our galaxy will we find such simple, breathtaking beauty! We should all be truly humbled, and ask ourselves – what is more important, our greed or the Earth’s well-being?

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