Attraction or Love? This Scientific Study Reveals The Truth.


Attraction or Love? This Scientific Study Reveals The Truth.

We’ve been hearing opposites-attract all our life. Be it in the movies or real life, the concept has always left us fascinated. But what truth does this expression hold? Northwestern University had once conducted a study regarding the same cause. The study had concluded that the level of attraction might depend up on the length of time partners have known each other before being involved romantically.

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Data required for the study was collected from 167 couples, out of which 67 were dating and 100 were married. The duration of their relationships ranged from three months to 53 years. The average duration was calculated to be eight years and eight months. The couples were then asked to talk on camera about what and how things had changed over the course of their relationship, and independent coders used a -3 to 3 rating scale to indicate the physical attractiveness of each partner.

The results were no coincidence. The study confirmed that the longer a couple had known each other before dating, the greater the attractiveness gap was. The results proved that couples who began dating soon after meeting each other were more similar in their levels of attractiveness than those who started off as friends. Physical attractiveness is a more important factor to these couples, whereas it becomes less relevant for friends-first couples.

“Having the time to interact with others in diverse settings affords more opportunities to form unique impressions that go beyond one’s initial snap judgments,” Lucy Hunt, lead researcher of the study, said in a statement.

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But beauty is not by itself what attracts us. There is so much more vibrant, meaningful and beautiful that brings people together. Beauty and attraction are two very different entities. While beauty is raw and superficial, primitive attraction is dynamic and more complex. Beauty is just one of the several things of what makes a person attractive. Everything about a person, from hair to voice to posture to vibe, expressions, smell and more—attractiveness is a more composite phenomenon that goes way beyond the surface.  The level of attractiveness does not have an effect on satisfaction in a relationship. So couples in both categories can breathe a sigh of relief.

Here we also need to talk about the intimacy theory. The theory suggests that the more you spend time with a person, the more attracted you are to that person. It is not necessary that you must be interested from the very beginning. The feelings take time and slowly develop. The essence of intimacy is what in turn leads infatuation. The level of closeness decides the level of attraction. You then feel like you can’t live without him or her as a result. You have invested so many feelings that you refuse to let it go eventually. Or that’s probably just Stockholm syndrome at work.