Baaghi Movie Review


Baaghi Movie Review

Since Baaghi Movie is a no- brainier action movie, let me keep my review short and sweet and try writing one in rhyming couplets

Baaghi Movie -fantoosy

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Tiger Tiger burning bright….
In a Baaghi not quite right.

Tiger and Shraddha meet in a train
Fall in love after bonding in the rain.

Enter the villain in form of telugu star Sudheer Babu
He wants his dad to call Shraddha his bahu.

Next, the hero and villain meet up in Kerala to learn Kalaripayyatu
It’s a form of martial arts in league of chinese japanese Kung Fu.

Now, Babu ji kidnaps Shraddha and whisks her off to his den in Thailand
Quite like how Sita Mata was abducted in (the epic) Ramayana and taken to Ravana’s land.

Tiger arrives there and beats an entire population of Thai bozos black and blue
They are all holed up in a multi storey building owned by Sudheer Babu.

With action plot allegedly sourced from Indonesian ‘The Raid :Redemption’
There are also traces of a Telugu film called ‘Varsham’.

The love shove drama in first half is quite ho hum.
Even though Binod Pradhan’s cinematography capturing Gods own country is simply awesome.

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The second hour is all maar dhaad – from one to nine.
The action scenes are choreographed super fine.

Director Sabbir Khan’s sensibilities are from 80’s Bollywood.
The fight sequences and technical aspects appear sourced from Hollywood.

Tiger and Shraddha don’t get any scope to act and emote.
Individually, the youngsters still make the best of their capabilities for you to take note.

Tiger’s rocking in action; his on-screen dame looks drop dead gorgeous.
I am awarding an extra star to Baaghi just for their effort quite zealous.

In the end, Baaghi’s all about Tiger Tiger burning bright.
In a film that’s not quite right.

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