Babies Smuggled In Biscuit Containers In Kolkata


Babies Smuggled In Biscuit Containers In Kolkata

Babies smuggled in biscuit containers? Yes, you read that right. A recent raid by the West Bengal CID on Tuesday has busted an international child trafficking racket. 11 people were arrested for allegedly smuggling babies out of a health clinic using biscuit containers, reports ABC. Those arrested in this incident includes the owner, midwives and other staff from a clinic north of Kolkata. Clerks who were suspected of making fake documentation for the children were also arrested. Three babies, kept inside biscuit boxes were recovered from the spot from which a baby girl, has been reunited with her parents, while officers are still working on to identify the parents of the other two infants.

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The ‘smugglers’ tricked single mums into giving up their children for cash and they later sold those infants to childless couples. Further investigation indicated that unmarried girls and women who visited the clinic for an abortion were persuaded by clinic staff to give birth instead of choosing abortion as an option. And then they were asked to sell their babies for cash in return. The smugglers also stole infants from women who delivered at the clinic, the mothers were told by clinic staff that their children were stillborn. Many family chooses to leave the clinic as they can’t stand the sight of their stillborn infants, and if any family demands to see the infants bodies, they were shown the bodies of stillborn babies preserved by the clinic(preserved for the soul purpose of tricking the parents).

A CID official who investigated on the case said, “It was a well organised syndicate, incorporating all kinds of helping hands needed for the smuggling network,”.

Bharat Lal Meena, Deputy Inspector General of CID said, “The inquiry is underway and more information will be revealed only after some more progress is made,”. Meena further said that, “We fear that at least 45 newborns were trafficked by the gang over the past two years,”. Reports Mirror.

A local news reports said the mothers were given 300,000 rupees ($4,380) for a boy and 100,000 rupees ($1,460) for a girl.

This illegal adoption racket smuggles the babies from different clinics and later hands them over to a charity that sells these infants to some agents, who again sells the infants to adoptive parents.