Young Child engaged in Educating Other Kids through – Bal Pustakalaya


Young Child Educating Other Kids through – Bal Pustakalaya

A young child is educating other kids in the slum by running a library named – Bal Pustakalaya. This is a real story happening in Bhopal. You all may be eager to know about the name and age of the young child. The name of the child is Muskaan Ahirwar and she is 9 year old. Is this achievement possible for a young child? Of course it is.

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Actually the young child is entirely different from others. Usually children have a deep passion for toys isn’t?  A child is not at all worried about any thing in life. A young child will be enjoying each and every moment of her life with all the provisions provided by the parents. No worries at all. Muskan Ahirwar stands wide far apart from other children. What makes her different? Go through the inspiring story!!!

Young Child engaged in Educating Other Kids through - Bal Pustakalaya

Muskaan Ahirwar is deeply moved by the condition of the inmates in her slum who are devoid of basic education. She wanted to do something for them. Thus emerged the idea of starting a library for them. A 9-year-old girl names the library in the slum area as “Bal Pustakalaya” and it is fully run by her. Every day, back from school, she opens the library at around 4 PM outside her house for educating other children in the slum area. She could see the excitement on her friends face while learning.

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Last year State Education Board donated 25 books to the library during their visit to the library. They had a question-answer round to check the level of knowledge of each and every child assembled in the library. Muskaan was intellectual enough to win the quiz and she was given the responsibility of educating other students in slum area.

“Currently officials have provided 119 books to the library, which is my responsibility and I love doing this. Other children in slum area, take books and then return other day. Some stay back to read here with me and ask questions where they don’t understand,” said Muskaan, in an interview with Times of India.

See a young child is helping her fellow mates.  Now think about our own deeds!! We are enjoying our life with all facilities. We have only one motive based on profit making. Still satisfied with nothing!! Lets hope that the inspiring story of the 9-year old will surely lead us to an entirely different world where each one shows concerns for their fellow beings.

This story and initiative about ‘Bal Pustakalaya’ purely supports the saying “Children are the future nation builders”.