Befikre (2016) Movie Review


Befikre (2016). Earlier this week, Bernardo Bertolucci’s ‘Last Tango in Paris’ (1972) hit the news once again for its controversial sex scene. That film was about an intense sexual relationship (Marlon Brando – Maria Scheider) in the love capital of the world. Like ‘Last Tango..’, Aditya Chopra’s Befikre, set in the same city, tries to daringly bold and scandalous (atleast by Bollywood standards) but fails miserably. It is bold enough to make its lead pair strip to the bare minimum (Ranveer even goes full monty in one scene) but succumbs to the bollywood cliché beyond a point. [Read: Incarnate (2016 Horror – Thriller) Movie Review ]

Befikre (2016) Movie Review-Fantoosy

Filled with kisses galore, Befikre showcases the new gen casual sex relationship between Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) who hook up in Paris. He’s there for a stand up comedy act; she’s the city tour guide. Hitting the bed on first meet itself, they explore their relationship further by indulging in some nonsensical dares. Admittedly, a few of these dares are genuinely hilarious. Infact, the film is quite a breezy watch till the intermission point and I expected a truly daring finale to all this fun and frolic.

Alas, the so called bold treatment in showcasing pure lust is frittered away completely in the final hour when suddenly, the self proclaimed ‘Hawas ke pujari’ couple want to marry in order to mend ways. C’mon guys, what’s the point of trying to be daringly different and then ending it all at the shaadi altar?…in effect, Befikre remains the same old bollywood fare packaged in a new bottle which fizzles out after the first hour itself. Worse, the climax set in a church will make Sajid Khan feel proud…I kid you not!!

Any positives then? Yup, the lead pair. Ranveer Singh is simply terrific as the libidinous man child. The versatile actor rises above the script as well as his character fallacies to deliver an absolute fantastic performance. He is a delight to watch. Vaani Kapoor exudes tremendous confidence and is able to carry off the skimpiest of outfits with élan. She has an expressive face and a seductive voice. I foresee a long innings for the pretty lady in bollywood.

Paris is superbly shot and the technical values of the film are befitting its production house. Music by Vishal Shekhar is strictly okey dokey. [Read: Ventilator (2016) Movie Review – Marathi Film


All in all, Befikre had the potential to break new ground but sadly, it doesnt. Coming from a director who made the audience fall in love with ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge’ (1995), this one is a mega disappointment. But it’s ok; no probs. Every big director has his bad day. Every RGV has his Aag. I’m sure Adi Sir, as he’s affectionately referred in the film industry, will bounce back with something truly bold and pathbreaking soon. Till then, you are advised to refrain from doing this tango.