Beiimaan Love (2016) Movie Review


Beiimaan Love (2016) Movie Review

Beiimaan Love (2016). Do I really need to review a Sunny Leone film? I aint sure!!

After all, her audience go to cinemas to catch her in various state of undress, cavorting seductively and flaunting her voluptuous body while all of this gets woven in to a semblance of a plot with some needless songs thrown in. That’s cos it is bollywood and not the adult entertainment industry Sunny started her career with… [Read: Parched (2016) Movie Review ]

Beiimaan Love (2016) Movie Review-FantoosyBeiimaan Love is a typical Leone movie where she dominates each and every frame in a bid to satisfy her fans thoroughly. The story, if you care to know, is a cat and mouse game between Sunaina (Sunny, of course) and bigda hua businessman Raj (Rajniesh Duggal). He gets slapped for trying to molest her in drunken state at a party. As a revenge, he beds her within ten days to win a bet and then ditches her at the altar.

Round two : Sunaina returns as bigger businesswoman clinching all the deals Raj and his father (Rajiv Varma, after a hiatus) aspire.

The fact that the basic plot is identical to ‘Hate Story’ (2012) which had Paoli Dam doing a Leone with better acting results, could be purely coincidental. But I’m sure no one really cares as long as Sunny appears on screen….

Nothing much to write on the acting or tech front. But I would like to advise Rajniesh Duggal to stay away from such films which will only hamper his slumping career further….if at all he’s serious about acting!! [Read: M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016) Movie Review


As for Sunny Leone, she’ll be around atleast for some more time featuring in titles such as ‘Leela’ (2015), ‘Mastizaade'(2016) and ‘Beiimaan Love’ if I go purely by the audience response in the popular South Mumbai single screen I visited. Negative movie reviews be damned!!!!

Beiimaan Love – Official Trailer | Sunny Leone, Rajniesh Duggall, Daniel Weber & Rajiv Verma




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