Bengaluru Might Have to be Evacuated in a Decade


Bengaluru Might Have to be Evacuated in a Decade

Water is life. It is the most primary of all the basic necessities of life. we use water in various spheres of our life, where it acts as an essential and integral entity. Even the human body is ,made up of mainly water! Thus, humans and other living beings in general depend on water for their very existence. Bengaluru is one of the most important cities in India, being the IT hub of the country, and for various other reasons too, But the severe drought that has hit the state has greatly affected the amount of water the city gets. Some would feel that the problem was not given its due importance initially; but whatever the reason, the situation has become terrifying.

A woman collects water in Bangalore.

A borewell was dug in residential complex in Bellandur Junction, and water was found only at a depth of 1050 metres feet. It is apparently the 10th bore well that has been dug in the complex, which is home to about 60 families. These are alarming statistics, and have been suggesting that some remedial measures be taken to prevent further damage. This is not the only case, with several such borewells deeper than 1000 feet having to be dug due to the widespread water shortage throughout the city.

The city has so far been resilient to the slowdown in the real estate market, but this crisis threatens to change that. Since the water shortage affects the living conditions in the city directly, both real estate customers and buyers will be greatly impacted. Although remedial measures are being taken, the impacts are still being felt. The areas which have been affected the most are the ones that have seen heavy construction work in the last decade or so. It is believed that if the problem isn’t dealt with immediately, it could lead to the city being forced to be evacuated.

Pratik K. Mehta, M.D. of Unishire, feels that adopting green technologies is the need of the hour. He feels that grey water recycling, rain water harvesting, use of low-flow water fixtures and other such initiatives need to be taken. He adds that it is necessary for the government to take immediate and effective measures to combat the water crisis, and it is also necessary for the people of Bengaluru to cooperate and ensure the smooth functioning of the necessary new rules or legislations.

Do you think Bengaluru will survive this crisis with little or no damage? Or do you think the real estate industry will take a downhill slide? Tell us in the comments section!