High Court Stresses on Action Against Carbide-Ripened Fruits!


High Court Stresses on Action Against Carbide-Ripened Fruits!

Money runs the world, and many who are concerned about making ends meet in today’s competitive society feel that they must do whatever it takes to get the necessary amount of income, even if it means harming others. One such instance is that of fruit-sellers who artificially ripen fruits using substances (chemicals) such as calcium carbide, which are highly detrimental to human health, sometimes even amounting to cancer! The government and High Court have tried to take strict action regarding this problem, urging State governments to spread awareness of the prevalence of such fruits in the Indian market.

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Carbide ripened fruits are being sold widely in many parts of the country.

Seeing that the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments have not been up to the mark in spreading awareness and trying to control the sale of these fruits in local markets, the High court on Friday directed the principal secretaries of agriculture and marketing of both the states to appear in person in the court on the next date of hearing, which is February 1st. The bench consists of Dilip B. Bhosale and Justice S.V. Bhatt, and has given the direction on a PIL which was taken up suo motu, based on a news report published in a vernacular newspaper last year.

Earlier, as well, the bench had directed the two states to take steps for establishment of ‘ethylene chambers’ to ripen fruits by the stakeholders, and for its close monitoring by the authorities in order to overcome the problem of availability of carbide-contaminated fruits in local markets.

During the hearing, the bench found that these governments had failed to implement the previous orders given to them in the case. The bench subsequently asked the special government pleaders of both states why its orders were not implemented, and has now asked both the states to keep it informed on the concrete action being taken going forward.

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