Bhumi Pednekar Is No More The Chubby Girl We Saw Few Months Back


Bhumi Pednekar Is No More The Chubby Girl We Saw Few Months Back

When Bhumi Pednekar played the role of an obese girl in her debut film ‘Dum Lag Ke haisha‘ we thought that’s who she is as a person. Yes definitely over weight but a chirpy, happy go lucky person who won everyone’s heart by her brilliant performance in the movie but once the movies was all set be released we saw a slimmer version of her during her promotions. We loved what we saw and got a clear idea about her hopping onto a strict weight loss journey.

Who knew she would take things so damn further. She is no more the chubby girl we saw few months back. She has finally lost all the extra weight and looks gorgeous as ever.

check out the mind blowing transformation below:

Bhumi in the movie ” Dum laga ke haisha” :

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 During her movie Promotions: 

ps bhumi -transformation
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During one of her dancing sessions : 

ps bhumi - skinny- transformation
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Few weeks later rocking this beautiful skirt and crop top with so much style  : 

ps bhumi- weightloss results
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Selfie-ing away with her favorite: 

ps bhumi- weightloss- journey
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ps bhumi - slim
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And OMG this is how she looks right now and we are all drools 😀 

ps bhumi- weightloss
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You can also keep a daily track on Bhumi by following her here :

This girl have been so inspiring for many there who are over-weight. Get some motivation as its time to burn those calories down to give her a complex.  Soon or later, you might too look cute and sexy at the same time alike her. 😉

After reading the post, did you make a plan to hit the gyms ? How would you be the next inspiration ? Share your views in the comment box below.