Bindra Will be Flag bearer at Rio 2016


Bindra Will Be Flag bearer At Rio 2016

Abhinav Bindra has been confirmed as the next Flag bearer at the Rio Olympics of 2016.

For every Olympic, the post of Flag bearer is one of the most respectable for all countries and how better it can be for a person who has already set up his name in the Olympics. For this man, even kids would have known his name printed on their GK Books. In fact, for a glory, Bindra is the first Indian to receive an individual gold medal.

Olympic champion shooter Abhinav Bindra was today chosen as the flag bearer of the Indian contingent at the Rio Games’ opening ceremony on August 5.

Bindra Will Be Flag bearer At Rio 20161

The news came up just a few days back as The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has declared that the next flag bearer for the 2016 Olympics will be the 2008 gold medalist. This year will be the fifth appearance for Bindra.

Along this with the help of Star Boxer Vijender Singh, Bindra will come out to be leading the post of Flag Bearer! The interesting news that has come up was just that Bindra was appointed to be the flagbearer in the 2012 London Games also! However, the honour was then given out to the double time wrestler! As for him, Abhinav has been crowned as the first individual Olympic gold medalist from India in the Beijing Games at the year of 2008!

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The usually reserved Bindra is looking forward to grabbing this opportunity as respect for the country. Well, it was certainly a happy moment for the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) as the star shooter was a part of their troop.

According to the news that came up, it was the Mr. President for the Association who called up “He is India’s only singular gold medalist, he is also on the executive board of the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF). We feel it’s a just decision, a wise decision, and we wholeheartedly support it.”

Bindra Will Be Flag bearer At Rio 20162

Bindra has not only been selected as the flag bearer, he has also been selected as one of the most proudest posts of the country! As the results speak out, he has been winning numerous medals including the World Championships as well as the World Cups and also gold medals for the Asian Games!

Thus, Bindra will not have one of the biggest respects for the country as he comes up to get one of the best things. Indeed, there is a lot of opportunities for the people to come up as the flag bearer will be coming up. Now this is indeed something which the country is also taking its part.

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It has been declared that the Olympics will be held from the month of August, and the whole Team India has been adjusted with billions of dreams, hopes and expectations.